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Marrakech Day 1 - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Marrakech Day 1 [Jan. 25th, 2017|06:00 pm]
Thursday 12 January: Marrakech: Sunshine, Mint Tea, being conned and hassled at the Tanneries, unwanted Henna and sunset over the main square
Left home at 3am, drove to stanstead, in a plane at 6am and arrived to sunshine at 10am:)

We were staying at this fantastic Riad. Riad Pushka on Booking.com but they also have cheaper room through airbnb..so worth it and really cheap. That was the highlight of our trip i think.
Our Riad <3 some rooms are amazing although we had the basic top ones still just fab...

 photo IMG_9120.jpg

 photo IMG_9129.jpg

i love that everywhere you go you get delicious sweet mint tea...off to explore and go to a nice empty little restaurant on the roof top for my first maroccan salad :) and simon trying a very green non alcohil cocktails (no alcohol sold anywhere)

 photo IMG_9130.jpg
look at that sky so blue ..snowing iin London
 photo IMG_9132.jpg

The medina has such small streets car cannot pass so they use donkeys ..very often look in terrible state or like this one depressed :(

 photo IMG_9133.jpg

The Tanneries

A definite learning curve on our first day with the constant hawking and offers of directions in the streets( we fail for the special festival in tanneries today only ) should have stick to my plan with the Islamic school and museum but instead ended at the mercy of multiple guides in the Tanneries. Very strange layout of multiple pools of fetid waters from pigeon poo to dyes but like nothing I have seen before. You get a spring of mint for the smell. It was intense everyone contantly offering you directions, pretending they are not a guide, and run you down till you answer and walk along you then request money.  It was a very costly leaning curve as a 5 min tour cost us about £40, did managed to escape the shop not completely ruined (although the most expensive 2 bits of encens ever bought under duress) and then despite telling some youth we didn't want a guide , him constantly walking alonside us and chatting ..he wanted money at the end and when we said no it started to turn nasty with more and more of his friends having a go at us for not paying..luckily our Riad manager happen to be passing by and saved us...fairly shaken..i see myself as fairly travel wise but i was definately not ready for the intensity of Marrakech streets.

 photo IMG_9134.jpg
 photo IMG_9135.jpg
 photo IMG_9136.jpg

 photo IMG_9138.jpg

The Souks and Jeema el fna (Main Square)

Weird in the street constant hassle, crossing the souk to get  to main sqaure is lan experience, everyone shout at you to come inside their shops, shout at you for not looking or smiling but then if dare to look then that is it you will be shouting at if go without buying,...and unlike Asia the price here start very very silly....
Once on the sqaure a bit different, more special tourist police so no youth hassleing you for direction just people with monkeys, fortune tallers, henna ladies, sellers...but a lot more relax ...well compared :)

love that the pentagram is on the flag :)
 photo IMG_9140.jpg

more tea that one sweet green tea with orange blossoms became my fav

 photo IMG_9147.jpg

 photo IMG_9152.jpg
sunset coming
 photo IMG_9153.jpg

 photo IMG_9154.jpg

 photo IMG_9159.jpg

 photo IMG_9161.jpg

 photo IMG_9163.jpg

The best bit are the cafe's , often have a terrace, wifi and fab view...delicious selection of teas...cheap and leave you in complete peace  :)

that cafe was our fav and pretty much went most day to recover :)
 photo IMG_9139.jpg

I was planning to get a nice henna design at some stage but it went slightly wrong. The first time I escaped with just a few dots whilst looking at postcards, but the second time whilst looking at a menu a lady started drawing on my hand before I could react it was too late , kept saying no, she kept saying free for you ..then the usual argument about price afterward ensued and it smudged everywhere. I still payed more than i should have (£10..ridiculous but she started around £70 and gosh they are intense to bargain)you really have to be super firm with no here, at least kind of goes with my tattoos.
It didn't even last a few days ...it was an expensive ..stressful first day :)

 photo IMG_9165.jpg
in contrast as soon as you enter inside a retaurant they are so lovely, super friendly and compare to the street very affordable..and the food so yummy..about to have our first tagine...full of lemons and olives overlooking the madness underneath ...
 photo IMG_9171.jpg

 photo IMG_9175.jpg

 photo IMG_9179.jpg

 photo IMG_9180.jpg

 photo IMG_9185.jpg

amazing pentagram door
 photo IMG_9186.jpg
Ending our first day back at our riad playing carcassonne, more mint tea and Wifi access. Bed eyelids getting heavier but then we started travelling at 3am...
 photo IMG_9187.jpg


[User Picture]From: motodraconis
2017-01-25 09:42 pm (UTC)
Good grief! I went to Morocco (and Marrakesh) in 2009 and never had any of this treatment, and we were wandering by ourselves and shopping in the souk in Marrakesh with no problems. And, there was beer readily available!

Must have really changed. :(
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[User Picture]From: morbidfrog
2017-01-26 08:45 am (UTC)
sound different, the main downside to it, unable to walk about. Going from one site to another is so full-on you can hardly look around you as always being hassle. The only quieter time was when we went to the new town on the last day apart from taxi were left alone. Never saw any beers or alcohol on any menus or even at the supermarket (the one we found in new town). Once some dodgy guy opening his coat offering vodka i think :) but our lovely guy at the riad got us some lovely Moroccan wine to have there on a few occasions ..I didn't mind that as i could happily leave on their mint tea :)
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