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House Party and Slimelight NYE - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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House Party and Slimelight NYE [Jan. 10th, 2017|05:31 pm]
Saturday 31 December: House Party and Slimelight NYE

Little party at ours before we  made our way to slimelight. Lots if fun and only one broken glass
Been 9 years since my last slimelight NYE party but it was much better than expected to return, especially as they accepted out of date members card so only £8 and as so many friends were present ...well nothing else was on and although i enjoyed the gathering with friends previous years i need to dance and wander around on NYE.
Glad we had a pre party as at least we got to drink and get into the mood.
Next day I had a terrible sore throat I assumed it was due to all smoke machines and bbq or too muich chatting :) but turned out to be some nasty lurgy...so my going back to work was delayed by a few days..i hate being sick..so boring but gosh did it wipe me out hardly left my bed ...

 photo IMG_9045.jpg photo 15590307_10153945895566548_3737883427590189308_n.jpg

 photo IMG_9015.jpg

 photo IMG_9017.jpg

 photo IMG_9022.jpg

 photo IMG_9025.jpg

 photo IMG_9026.jpg

 photo IMG_9028.jpg

 photo IMG_9032.jpg

 photo IMG_9034.jpg
at slime
 photo IMG_9035.jpg

 photo IMG_9037.jpg

 photo IMG_9040.jpg

 photo IMG_9047.jpg
 photo IMG_9050.jpg

 photo IMG_9053.jpg

 photo IMG_9054.jpg

 photo IMG_9069.jpg

 photo IMG_9072.jpg

 photo IMG_9073.jpg

 photo IMG_9076.jpg

 photo IMG_9077.jpg

 photo IMG_9078.jpg

 photo IMG_9080.jpg

 photo IMG_9081.jpg

 photo 15826060_10210782094282233_1623547396103265736_n.jpg