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Rochecolombe Village - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Rochecolombe Village [Jan. 9th, 2017|10:49 pm]
Tuesday 27 December: Rochecolombe Village

This was so pretty especially some of the views from the top and some very nice houses being refursbished.

 photo IMG_8933.jpg

view from the waterfall of the village
 photo IMG_8886.jpg

up we go :)

 photo IMG_8897.jpg

 photo IMG_8899.jpg

 photo IMG_8901.jpg
some fab undergoing restauration
 photo IMG_8902.jpg
 photo IMG_8903.jpg

 photo IMG_8904.jpg

 photo IMG_8905.jpg

 photo IMG_8908.jpg

 photo IMG_8913.jpg

 photo IMG_8916.jpg

 photo IMG_8918.jpg

 photo IMG_8922.jpg

 photo IMG_8927.jpg

 photo IMG_8930.jpg

 photo IMG_8937.jpg

 photo IMG_8938.jpg