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Gorges de Ardeche - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Gorges de Ardeche [Jan. 9th, 2017|07:56 pm]
Monday 26 December: Gorges de Ardeche

To digest all the recent eating on the Monday as i was staying at my sister (and Chlow not too far ) we all went on a  ballad in the Ardeche gorges...Hopefully next visit will be in the warmer months so i can have a swim but what beautiful colours and i found a boar skull (which i then forgot in france )

 photo IMG_8829.jpg

Path to the gorges
who live there
 photo IMG_8794.jpg

 photo IMG_8796.jpg

 photo IMG_8799.jpg

 photo IMG_8802.jpg

 photo IMG_8803.jpg

 photo IMG_8807.jpg

 photo IMG_8808.jpg
fairy dwellings
 photo IMG_8810.jpg
 photo IMG_8811.jpg

 photo IMG_8813.jpg

 photo IMG_8814.jpg

 photo IMG_8815.jpg

 photo IMG_8818.jpg

 photo IMG_8822.jpg

 photo IMG_8824.jpg

nearly exotic colours
 photo IMG_8832.jpg

 photo IMG_8837.jpg
 photo IMG_8838.jpg
 photo IMG_8841.jpg