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Pas si Bete, sister paintings - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Pas si Bete, sister paintings [Jan. 9th, 2017|06:50 pm]
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Whilst at my sister at xmas i went to have a peak at her gallery/cellar to see some of her new paintings , spotting lots of cool new versions of my profile pics/headdresses on various animals. I also love her new Geisha's goats. Lots more on her site : http://isabelledubuis.canalblog.com/

 photo IMG_8762.jpg

 photo IMG_8763.jpg

 photo IMG_8764.jpg

 photo IMG_8765.jpg

 photo IMG_8766.jpg

 photo IMG_8767.jpg

 photo IMG_8768.jpg

 photo IMG_8769.jpg
 photo IMG_8770.jpg
 photo IMG_8771.jpg
 photo IMG_8772.jpg
 photo IMG_8773.jpg
 photo IMG_8774.jpg
 photo IMG_8775.jpg
 photo IMG_8777.jpg
 photo IMG_8779.jpg
 photo IMG_8780.jpg
 photo IMG_8781.jpg
 photo IMG_8782.jpg
 photo IMG_8783.jpg
 photo IMG_8784.jpg
 photo IMG_8785.jpg
 photo IMG_8786.jpg
 photo IMG_8787.jpg
 photo IMG_8788.jpg

studio gallery (bottom of her house really )
 photo IMG_8998.jpg

 photo IMG_9000.jpg

 photo IMG_9002.jpg

 photo IMG_9003.jpg

 photo IMG_9004.jpg

 photo IMG_9007.jpg

 photo IMG_9008.jpg