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Cats and Holmes before off to France - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Cats and Holmes before off to France [Dec. 22nd, 2016|06:25 pm]
Monday 19 December
Lovely evening of mulled cider and boargames at friends, only to return home, check FB and see 2016 just keep getting worst and worst

Tuesday 20 December
A bit more exciting than usual outside work..some nice carriages and horses... Shame for the filming of Holmes and Watson (some Will Ferrer comedy) rather than Sherlock. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1255919/
On thursday,  they are still filming that film. Some very pretty gowns just now were going up and down the streets and i think I caught a glance of Will Ferrer dancing between carriages to some cheesy music

 photo IMG_8627.jpg

 photo IMG_8624.jpg
 photo IMG_8625.jpg
 photo IMG_8626.jpg

 photo IMG_8629.jpg

 photo 15541655_10153913032196548_1492524905070284492_n.jpg
 photo IMG_8620.jpg
 photo 15541391_10153913029636548_3456734698354859887_n.jpg

Wednesday 21 December
Day off for cats, we took two unfed grumpy cats to the vet this morning, Jazz eye medication has done wonders and it has cleared and she is now happily back home with us :). We had to leave poor Meridian behind to be sedated for a blood test
Just collected Meridian from the vet, the blood test confirmed she need to have treatment for thyroid but at least nothing more major. Very heartbreaking as her back legs are still a bit numb from the sedation and she is walking and falling like if drunk. I was trying to catch a shot of her shaved neck but she was having none of it. Few days before xmas not the best timing to spend hundreds of pounds in vet bill but at least it is just tablets and eye drops for the old sisters

 photo 15589863_10153915371231548_6025787913440535814_n.jpg
 photo 15578843_10153915366156548_3793082503873445405_n.jpg

Once the cats were settled and back to normal we popped to the cinema to finally see Rogue one. Good film, some really fantastic bits, lacked a bit of the magic or downtimes compared to others but in the action pack category very good.
 photo 15622558_10153917373301548_8960420110373945555_n.jpg

Thursday 22 December
Last day at work for this year :) :) Off to France tomorrow morning...quite excited, as for first time ever i am using the direct train London-Avignon (only usually run in the summer). Suitcases full of presents, ready to go