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Our Christmas [Dec. 19th, 2016|06:09 pm]
Thursday 15 December
Faith came round for dinner and mulled wine

Friday 16 December
Excellent work xmas party, very lucky the Picadelly line night tube started that same night as my plan to pop there for a few hours definately did not happen as I was having too much of a lovely time. Night tube is so handy but gosh so popular my usual journey home was even busier than my rush hour morning one, especially tiring after lots of prosecco and carrying bags filled with party leftover

Saturday 17 December
As we are doing xmas separately this year, so today is our little version together ♡
In between yummy courses. ..presents opening :)

we decided to do it old fashion way in our PJ and xmas hat (we had to steal them from the babies . Photos on my phone so not great quality

 photo 15541938_10153906114636548_5497577210983283289_n.jpg

 photo 15442375_10153906153871548_1726331095322734797_n.jpg
big shoes for me :)
 photo 15492175_10153906153826548_110029269727338602_n.jpg

 photo 15420870_10153906154931548_3483373520984763814_n.jpg

attempting a cat photo
 photo 15541690_10153906114641548_111249568147248139_n.jpg
everyone took part
 photo 15578593_10153906153676548_6091786294720508927_n.jpg
what is more romantic for xmas than a death mask
 photo 15621612_10153906154211548_4657324920273872760_n.jpg
or dinausor and napoleon
 photo 15590049_10153906154086548_6805866685729957823_n.jpg
my grown up boyfriend
 photo 15542173_10153906153716548_7703800306406948754_n.jpg
 photo 15542013_10153906114616548_4550507640861786493_n.jpg
 photo 15622348_10153906114736548_856647710862102729_n.jpg