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Lazarus [Dec. 9th, 2016|06:20 pm]

Wednesday 6 December: Lazarus

Lazarus, an odd one to review, as it just so different, definitely not a musical or play in a traditional sense. It is as nonlinear, confusing and amazing (just like the book and the film are, although based later on). If you are a fan of the Man who fell to Earth and Bowie music then, it is a must see. A great mix of new songs and the classics, the “main lead/Dexter/ Michael C Hall” really sound like Bowie. Odd pop up venue, being taller would have helped a lot and when windy it felt like the roof was about to be blown away. The set is very minimalist, beige, modern, use projections extremely cleverly, live band behind glass. I am usually not really a fan of too contemporary play, but for this one it does work. We all came out being a little bit confused on a few details but having loved it and being Bowie idea, kind of musical-theatre epitaph , it was so hard not to be a little emotional at the end. One very nice surprised was bumping into Ilona and Roy at the end. So we all popped for a drink afterward which really made the night even better and as we came out of the pub  no queues at Harry Potter :)

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