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Melton Mowbray Christmas Tree Festival - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Melton Mowbray Christmas Tree Festival [Dec. 7th, 2016|06:46 pm]
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Sunday 4 October: Melton Mowbray Christmas Tree Festival

Approx 1500 xmas trees in St Mary church ,using every corners and alcoves, very festive and some very surreal ones. Many done by local businesses, charities, schools...soclever ones decorated by mini paint pots and snowmen made from rollers from dyi shop, toothbrushes from the dental surgery. Surreal one with car crash recreated at the bottom from the ambulance service. Cute dinosaur ones or shakeaspeare ones. Paper tree, RAF tree, knitting tree, tea tree...i think worst were the estate agent and the garade door company ones as they just put flat adverts and photo advertising their doors. All very surreal but felt very xmassey afterwards . They did miss a proper gothis tree i have to say...A very cool idea and make a change from usual nativities. http://www.christmastreefestivals.org/melton-mowbray/

 photo IMG_8390.jpg

 photo IMG_8391.jpg
lovely use of the pulpit
 photo IMG_8392.jpg

 photo IMG_8393.jpg

 photo IMG_8394.jpg

 photo IMG_8395.jpg

 photo IMG_8396.jpg

 photo IMG_8398.jpg

 photo IMG_8399.jpg

 photo IMG_8401.jpg
elephant and pretty windows
 photo IMG_8402.jpg

 photo IMG_8403.jpg

 photo IMG_8405.jpg
tree dress :)
 photo IMG_8407.jpg
 photo IMG_8409.jpg
grim reaper tree festive !!
 photo IMG_8410.jpg

 photo IMG_8411.jpg
stich bith club
 photo IMG_8416.jpg
so clever ones
 photo IMG_8419.jpg

 photo IMG_8421.jpg
i like that one
 photo IMG_8422.jpg
 photo IMG_8423.jpg

 photo IMG_8425.jpg
just everywhere
 photo IMG_8426.jpg
so many
 photo IMG_8428.jpg
 photo IMG_8430.jpg
i like it :)
 photo IMG_8433.jpg

 photo IMG_8434.jpg
why not!!
 photo IMG_8435.jpg

 photo IMG_8437.jpg
tea tree :)
 photo IMG_8438.jpg

 photo IMG_8439.jpg

 photo IMG_8442.jpg

 photo IMG_8443.jpg

 photo IMG_8446.jpg

 photo IMG_8447.jpg

 photo IMG_8449.jpg

 photo IMG_8450.jpg

 photo IMG_8452.jpg
such pretty all made from flowers
 photo IMG_8454.jpg

 photo IMG_8455.jpg

 photo IMG_8456.jpg

 photo IMG_8457.jpg

 photo IMG_8458.jpg

 photo IMG_8460.jpg

 photo IMG_8461.jpg