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Darkends Festival [Dec. 6th, 2016|08:39 pm]
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Saturday 3 December: Darkends Festival

I drove on the M1 for the first time...well MK to leicester...scary but survided...got to Nottigham and quick change before heading to the gig.

 photo 15337429_10153860515126548_7099398310053409652_n.jpg

Our hotel was a nice B&W mock tudor building outside but cheeky extra £2.50 if you want a tray with a kettle in the room and the worst matress i have ever paid to be on...
Great gigon Saturday, worth the little trip to Nottingham as Inkubus Sukkubus did an amazing set (compared to last week much nicer cosier venue and full set and more). I even caught Candia flower head dress so it made the whole night even better. Great to have a bit more time to chat to her and Tony and also a little catch up with Trev and to finally see his new project Death Party Uk. Slight change of line up with the first band being Death Notes. I also discover a new really yummy drink…Lime and vanilla spiced rum (old J Tiki Fine), their cherry version was also nice. Most excellent evening.

 photo IMG_8337.jpg

 photo IMG_8229.jpg

 photo IMG_8231.jpg

 photo IMG_8232.jpg

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 photo IMG_8236.jpg
death note
 photo IMG_8237.jpg
 photo IMG_8239.jpg
death uk party
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 photo IMG_8246.jpg
 photo IMG_8249.jpg

 photo IMG_8250.jpg

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 photo IMG_8263.jpg
 photo IMG_8266.jpg
 photo IMG_8272.jpg
 photo IMG_8295.jpg
 photo IMG_8310.jpg
 photo IMG_8324.jpg
 photo IMG_8334.jpg

 photo IMG_8338.jpg