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A winter picnic :) - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A winter picnic :) [Dec. 6th, 2016|06:28 pm]
Photos from recent photoshoot by steveK

 photo WM3_5511a.jpg

 photo WM3_5511.jpg

 photo WM3_5526.jpg

 photo WM3_5531.jpg

 photo WM3_5534.jpg
mega effect
 photo WM3_5534b.jpg
rocknroll :)
 photo WM3_5543.jpg
a passer by dog :)
 photo WM3_5548.jpg
 photo WM3_5560.jpg
 photo WM3_5603.jpg

really like this one
 photo WM3_5621.jpg

 photo WM3_5626.jpg
a bat !!!!
 photo WM3_5635.jpg
i think one of my fav
 photo WM3_5643.jpg

 photo WM3_5652.jpg

 photo WM3_5654.jpg

 photo WM3_5654-2.jpg

 photo WM3_5661.jpg

 photo WM3_5664.jpg

 photo WM3_5675.jpg

 photo WM3_5678.jpg

 photo WM3_5679.jpg

 photo WM3_5694.jpg