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Winter Wonderland and Aly Birthday - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Winter Wonderland and Aly Birthday [Dec. 1st, 2016|12:58 pm]
Monday 28 November: Winter Wonderland and Aly Birthday

Annual little visit to WinterWonderland last night to celebrate Alyson birthday, their latest ride addition the Munich Looping was amazing (the largest portable roller coaster in the world, and the only one with 5 loops) . The prices have gone up a bit for the rides this year, £9 for the rollercoaster so came ready, ate before and had flask of honey liqueur to add to tea (not as nice as the nice range of hot mead, mulled wine and ciders available on offer) so I could really just justify one but gosh it was worth it.

Came home frozen , poor simon still poorly so stayed home.
On the tuesday we went to Liza to play boardgames and  Paul made us a yummy cheese fondue

 photo IMG_8201.jpg

added a new alleyway this year
 photo IMG_8175.jpg

 photo IMG_8176.jpg
birthday girl
 photo IMG_8178.jpg

 photo IMG_8180.jpg

 photo IMG_8184.jpg

 photo IMG_8186.jpg

 photo IMG_8188.jpg

 photo IMG_8190.jpg

 photo IMG_8191.jpg

 photo IMG_8193.jpg

 photo IMG_8196.jpg

 photo IMG_8197.jpg

 photo IMG_8198.jpg

we had our one sauna/ cabin ...sauna would have been warmer i guess..too cold there had to retrieve under a heater
 photo IMG_8199.jpg

 photo IMG_8200.jpg

little cheese and bacon pretzel for rob

 photo IMG_8210.jpg