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Lee & Joel 50th Birthday Bash & Reptile - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Lee & Joel 50th Birthday Bash & Reptile [Nov. 22nd, 2016|07:03 pm]
Saturday 19 November: Lee & Joel 50th Birthday Bash  & Reptile

Despite a late return from Tanz, we had to get up so we could make it to post office as many xmas presents to collect and also i knew my new Linda Ravenscroft dress will be there :)
Attempted to do a few things but by 2pm so tired we both went back for a snooze so little achieved that day.
Late afternoon made our way to Catford to Lee and Joel 50th, bumped into James on the way and had a great time. Sadly had to leave around 10pm as i really wanted to go to Reptile to have a dance.
Got there for about 11pm (lots of crossing London up and down that weekend) and dance till the early hours :)
Next day  mostly starting to make the house more xmassey but  sadly miss both Steampunk Convivial and  Orphaned land but needed to spent more time at home sorting through more resident permit paperworks :(

perfect excuse to wear my new dress <3
 photo IMG_7922.jpg

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