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Roccoco dining in the forest - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Roccoco dining in the forest [Nov. 14th, 2016|07:04 pm]
Sunday 13 November: Photoshoot with Steve

That  afternoon we were off to go and play in a muddy forest for an photo idea I have. ..but as always got ready way too fast and early and little I can do around the house in a ballgown without getting stuck so photo with the cat .
Gosh it was cold, didn't do it in location planned as so busy to park and realise it migth be hard to take all the chairs and props in the mud but found a little are not far from the road near the health.

Definately entertained the passer by and their dogs :)

 photo IMG_7844.jpg

 photo IMG_7842.jpg

 photo IMG_7837.jpg

outside int he cold :)little glimpse
 photo 15095708_10153811763331548_6759122092354089899_n.jpg

 photo 15073396_10153811763201548_1434600719654934921_n.jpg

 photo 15032828_10153811763086548_1307776974255554164_n.jpg

 photo 15094888_10153811763011548_8454195719046596878_n.jpg

 photo 15027636_10153811762936548_8028634027587633120_n.jpg