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Doctor Strange [Nov. 9th, 2016|06:49 pm]
Tuesday 2 November: Doctor Strange

Sleepy and Sad, early start to accompany my family to Victoria Coach station for 7am, then work...the house is going to feel quite quiet and empty, at least not long to go until i see everyone again at Xmas
Last minute rush to cinema that night to see Doctor Strange when we realised we were too busy next week to catch it on the 241 nights. Caught the 5pm and once again we had all cinema to ourselves (win!!). I am not that much of a comic/superhero films fan (unlike Simon ) but this one I had to see, having three actors I really love: Benedict, Tilda and Mads, apart from that I had no clues or much ideas what to expect . I actually really enjoyed it; I think it is one of my favorite in this genre, especially as more than half the film is about his journey to become Dr Strange and very little battles/actions. They actually took their time to get to all the big fighting (and done in pretty kaleidoscope effects Dark city meet Inception) and the right dose of humour. I am mostly surprised that by the end Sherlock has indeed become a super hero :) . Silly enjoyable fun

The rest of the week was hibernating/catching up/tidying...

 photo Doctor-Strange-Comic-Con-Poster.jpg