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Halloween at Chessington - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Halloween at Chessington [Nov. 8th, 2016|09:28 pm]

Monday 31 October: Halloween at Chessington

This was so much fun, I love theme park, not been to Chessington for about 10 years. I do prefer Thorpe Park or Alton Tower, as they have much better rides but this was perfect as there was only 2 rides Adelaide wasn’t able to do due to her height. I can proudly say that she takes after her auntie on that level…as there was so little queues we were able to go on them again and again. On top it was open for extra hours (till 8pm so a full 10 hours of fun) and lots of fab Halloween decoration (not as sure for the people in costume jumping on you at night :) )
Vampire ride still as silly fun, loved the look of Kobra but I think Dragon fury is the one we did again and again the most. Failed to see any of the zoo bits but did managed to fit in the aquarium. The only negative was water…although we were lucky to have a sunny day it is still late October and they really went for you with water…especially on Rameses revenge and the Monkey swinger and getting soaked on Halloween was very cold indeed…but they were so fun we had to go on them again and again….oddly enough got less wet on the log flume!!! I am def thinking trying the Thorpe Park Halloween special next year

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logs :)
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lets get veryt wet
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