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Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosity - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosity [Nov. 7th, 2016|06:44 pm]

Sunday 30 October: Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosity

After a lovely day shopping in Brick lane where else should we end up but my favorite place where one can sit next to a lioness in a top hat, under a scary mermaid and where dolls have pointy teeth and fairy, weapons

 photo IMG_5071.jpg

 photo IMG_5072.jpg

 photo IMG_5077.jpg

 photo IMG_5079.jpg

 photo IMG_7430.jpg

 photo IMG_7431.jpg

 photo IMG_7434.jpg

 photo IMG_7436.jpg

 photo IMG_7437.jpg

 photo IMG_7439.jpg

 photo IMG_7440.jpg

 photo IMG_7441.jpg

 photo IMG_7442.jpg

 photo IMG_7444.jpg

 photo IMG_7445 - Copy.jpg

 photo IMG_7446.jpg

 photo IMG_7447.jpg

 photo IMG_7448.jpg

 photo IMG_7449.jpg

 photo IMG_7450 - Copy.jpg

 photo IMG_7451 - Copy.jpg

 photo IMG_7455.jpg

 photo IMG_7456.jpg

 photo IMG_7457.jpg

 photo IMG_7460.jpg

 photo IMG_7461.jpg

 photo IMG_7464.jpg

 photo IMG_7465.jpg

 photo IMG_7473.jpg

 photo IMG_7475.jpg

 photo IMG_7477.jpg

 photo IMG_7483.jpg

 photo IMG_7484.jpg

 photo IMG_7486.jpg

 photo IMG_7487.jpg

 photo IMG_7492.jpg

 photo IMG_7497.jpg

 photo IMG_7499.jpg

 photo IMG_7500.jpg

 photo IMG_7501.jpg

 photo IMG_7502.jpg

 photo IMG_7504.jpg

 photo IMG_7506.jpg

 photo IMG_7507.jpg