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Halloween Party - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Halloween Party [Nov. 7th, 2016|05:33 pm]
Saturday 29 October: Halloween Party

Decided to have a little Halloween party to give my family a chance to dress up and invite a few friends . Plotting some games that could be played in both languages was the trickier bit , so we had skeleton jenga , Halloween bingo & a very fun Hallloween theme pictionnary type one . A very fun night

 photo IMG_4993.jpg

 photo IMG_5004.jpg

 photo IMG_5006.jpg

 photo IMG_5008.jpg

 photo IMG_5019.jpg

 photo IMG_7328.jpg

 photo IMG_7330.jpg

 photo IMG_7333.jpg

 photo IMG_7335.jpg

 photo IMG_7340.jpg

 photo IMG_7341.jpg

 photo IMG_7343.jpg

 photo IMG_7344.jpg

 photo IMG_7346.jpg

 photo IMG_7348.jpg

 photo IMG_7349.jpg

 photo IMG_7350.jpg

 photo IMG_7352.jpg

 photo IMG_7356.jpg

 photo IMG_7358.jpg
even the cats joined us
 photo IMG_7359.jpg

 photo IMG_7360.jpg

 photo IMG_7361.jpg

 photo IMG_7363.jpg
 photo IMG_7365.jpg

 photo IMG_7366.jpg

 photo IMG_7369.jpg

 photo IMG_7370.jpg

 photo IMG_7371.jpg

 photo IMG_7372.jpg

 photo IMG_7374.jpg

 photo IMG_7375.jpg

 photo IMG_7376.jpg

 photo IMG_7377.jpg

 photo IMG_7381.jpg

 photo IMG_7383.jpg

 photo IMG_7386.jpg

 photo IMG_7392.jpg

 photo IMG_7394.jpg

 photo IMG_7395.jpg

 photo IMG_7398.jpg

 photo IMG_7399.jpg

 photo IMG_7402.jpg

 photo IMG_7403.jpg

 photo IMG_7406.jpg

 photo IMG_7409.jpg

 photo IMG_7410.jpg

 photo IMG_7411.jpg

 photo IMG_7413.jpg

 photo IMG_7415.jpg

 photo IMG_7416.jpg

 photo IMG_7422.jpg

 photo IMG_7424.jpg


[User Picture]From: motodraconis
2016-11-08 07:20 am (UTC)
I'm just imagining her returning to school and being asked, "so what did you do in your holidays?" She must be the envy of her classmates for having such a cool Auntie!
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[User Picture]From: morbidfrog
2016-11-08 03:11 pm (UTC)
i can only imagine..i hate a cake in shape of decaying body in a pathology museum and my auntie covered me in blood :)
i also gave her lots of jumper with skulls on so she can look cool as she tell them :) (they had shrink in the wash )
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