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Preps for Halloween Party - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Preps for Halloween Party [Nov. 7th, 2016|05:28 pm]
Saturday 29 October: Preps for Halloween Party

i do love adapting my wardrobe to dress others. The power of safety pins, suddenly my dress even fit a 10 years old
Tried to make the house a bit more halloweeny on Saturday adding the odd lanterns and lots of spiderwebs...loved the effect but gosh did we all get stuck in them, a little sad to remove them, although they are still so tangle around the chandelier some may remain a wee bit longer

 photo IMG_4969.jpg

 photo IMG_4970.jpg

 photo IMG_4974.jpg

 photo IMG_4982.jpg

 photo IMG_4985.jpg

 photo IMG_4986.jpg

 photo IMG_4987.jpg

 photo IMG_4990.jpg

 photo IMG_4991.jpg

 photo IMG_7300.jpg

the result :)

 photo IMG_4999.jpg

spiderweb decor
 photo IMG_7304.jpg

 photo IMG_7305.jpg

 photo IMG_7306.jpg

 photo IMG_7307.jpg

 photo IMG_7308.jpg

 photo IMG_7309.jpg

 photo IMG_7310.jpg

 photo IMG_7311.jpg

 photo IMG_7312.jpg

 photo IMG_7314.jpg

 photo IMG_7316.jpg

 photo IMG_7317.jpg

 photo IMG_7318.jpg