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The Edible Body Farm at St Barts Pathology Museum - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Edible Body Farm at St Barts Pathology Museum [Nov. 3rd, 2016|05:15 pm]

Saturday 29 October: The Edible Body Farm at St Barts Pathology Museum

On Saturday we went to St.Barts’ Pathology Museum for this cool event, there wasn’t as many edible bits as we expected (really more a market of fabulous gruesome edible stuff) but what a great setting (last time I was there is was a macabre life drawing class) . We were however all invited to have a bit from a full-size rotting corpse made of cake and marzipan . That was just so cool and we took part in the “smell of Death” were individual gas/smell involved in mammalian decomposition were tested on us. From subtle scents to full on horrible ones and they did some free face painting. A really good start for Halloween. We then had to rush home afterwards as I had a house to decorate and 4 of us to dress and make up.


 photo IMG_7264.jpg

traveling there :)
 photo IMG_7233.jpg
 photo IMG_7235.jpg
 photo IMG_7236.jpg

being tourists
 photo IMG_7238.jpg
love that blason
 photo IMG_7240.jpg

 photo IMG_7243.jpg

here we go
 photo IMG_7244.jpg

edible corpse
 photo IMG_7246.jpg
 photo IMG_7252.jpg
 photo IMG_7254.jpg
 photo IMG_7257.jpg
 photo IMG_7260.jpg
 photo IMG_7261.jpg

 photo IMG_7265.jpg
lovely place
 photo IMG_7266.jpg

the smell of death

 photo IMG_4946.jpg

 photo IMG_7267.jpg
 photo IMG_7268.jpg
 photo IMG_7269.jpg
 photo IMG_7270.jpg
 photo IMG_7273.jpg

 photo IMG_7274.jpg
 photo IMG_7275.jpg
 photo IMG_7277.jpg
 photo IMG_7279.jpg
 photo IMG_7281.jpg

 photo IMG_4952.jpg
 photo IMG_4956.jpg

 photo IMG_7282.jpg
 photo IMG_7283.jpg
 photo IMG_7285.jpg
 photo IMG_7286.jpg
 photo IMG_7287.jpg
 photo IMG_7289.jpg

 photo IMG_4962.jpg

 photo IMG_7292.jpg
 photo IMG_7294.jpg
 photo IMG_7295.jpg
 photo IMG_7297.jpg