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The White Spring - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The White Spring [Nov. 2nd, 2016|06:54 pm]
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Sunday 23 October: The White Spring

Despite this having been my 10th ball in Glastonbury and having visited the place even more times. I had never been to the White Spring, I had refilled my bottle there but never been on the inside. That was really really silly!!! It was breath-taking, something so beautiful and spiritual, especially with all the candles,incenses, altars and "naked chanting gentlemen jumping in and out of the spring waters" :) .Really didn’t think it would be that big either (as in deep enough to submerge yourself, various levels of pools), in some ways really reminded me of Rudas medieval bath houses in Budapest with its cavernous domed vaults.. Shame we had a long drive ahead in a cold car as it was so calling and tempting to experience, maybe next time. (no photos but found a few in google to illustrate) http://www.whitespring.org.uk/

 photo 14717115_10153757300391548_4226323780004372286_n.jpg

 photo 14720459_10153757300536548_3372087905811628179_n.jpg

 photo glastowhitespringinterior.jpg
 photo white-spring-1-6.jpg
 photo wpid-Glastonbury-day-2-White-well1.jpg
 photo white-spring-well-temple.jpg
 photo White-Spring2---AVH_0.jpg
 photo a5620ca297a63d0378f89db5a0c0ce9e.jpg