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The Raven King's Ball - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Raven King's Ball [Nov. 2nd, 2016|05:43 pm]
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Saturday 22 October: The Raven King's Ball

Another splendid and fun night at the faery Ball. We were very excited by the theme as the book is one of Simon all time favourite (few bounded versions on our shelves) and we both so enjoyed the tv series too. Simon just had too many choices especially with a wardrobe filled with Napoleonic uniforms, I decided to inspire myself more from the Ball scene as I just love that section so much , stuck in the faery realm with the odd ravens added for the occasion and even the severed finger made an appearance. Great event and as always a pleasure to party with so many friends in the magical place that is Glastonbury.

 photo IMG_7037_1.jpg

B&B beforehand
 photo IMG_7025_1.jpg
 photo IMG_7027_1.jpg

 photo IMG_7028.jpg

 photo IMG_7029.jpg

 photo IMG_7031.jpg

 photo IMG_7033.jpg

 photo IMG_7035_1.jpg

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 photo IMG_7039.jpg

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 photo IMG_7043_1.jpg

 photo IMG_7045.jpg

 photo IMG_7047_1.jpg

 photo IMG_7048_1.jpg

 photo IMG_7052_1.jpg
at the venue
 photo IMG_7053_1.jpg

 photo IMG_7054_1.jpg

 photo IMG_7055_1.jpg

 photo IMG_7057_1.jpg

 photo IMG_7059.jpg

 photo IMG_7060.jpg

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 photo IMG_7063.jpg

 photo IMG_7064_1.jpg

 photo IMG_7067.jpg
with terry english <3
 photo IMG_7068.jpg
 photo IMG_7070.jpg

 photo IMG_7071.jpg

 photo IMG_7078.jpg
 photo IMG_7079_1.jpg

 photo IMG_7081_1.jpg

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 photo IMG_7083.jpg

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 photo IMG_7089.jpg

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