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Avalon Faery Fayre - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Avalon Faery Fayre [Nov. 2nd, 2016|05:19 pm]
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Saturday 22 October:Avalon Faery Fayre

Waking up in the pink flamboyance and gothic breakfast at Covenstead, followed by a great day of wandering at the fayre catching up with everyone since 3 wishes and Whitby, being tempted by all the beautiful artworks and creations. So nearly adopted a frost dragon and the usual visits to all my favorite shops around Glastonbury and dinner at the King Arthur.

 photo IMG_6980.jpg

adele latest purchases..on the breakfast table :)
 photo IMG_6962.jpg

breakfast time ...love this place so much so sad sold, will have to wait and see what it will be like without Adele running it
 photo IMG_6963_1.jpg

 photo IMG_6964.jpg

 photo IMG_6965.jpg

 photo IMG_6966.jpg

 photo IMG_6967_1.jpg

Ready for towm
 photo IMG_6969_1.jpg

 photo IMG_6970_1.jpg

 photo IMG_6974_1.jpg

 photo IMG_6981.jpg

 photo IMG_6983.jpg

 photo IMG_6984_1.jpg

 photo IMG_6986_1.jpg

 photo IMG_6988_1.jpg

at the fayre

 photo IMG_6989_1.jpg

 photo IMG_6990_1.jpg
so nearly adopted him ...but my budget said no..my heart said yes..luckily someone else did
 photo IMG_6991.jpg

 photo IMG_6992.jpg

 photo IMG_6993.jpg

 photo IMG_6995_1.jpg

 photo IMG_6997_1.jpg

 photo IMG_6998_1.jpg

 photo IMG_6999_1.jpg

 photo IMG_7000.jpg

 photo IMG_7001_1.jpg

 photo IMG_7002.jpg

 photo IMG_7003.jpg

 photo IMG_7006_1.jpg

 photo IMG_7007_1.jpg

 photo IMG_7009.jpg

 photo IMG_7011.jpg

 photo IMG_7012_1.jpg

 photo IMG_7014.jpg
out and about in glastonbury
 photo IMG_7015.jpg

 photo IMG_7016_1.jpg

 photo IMG_7017.jpg

 photo IMG_7018.jpg

 photo IMG_7019_1.jpg
only here :)
 photo IMG_7020.jpg

 photo IMG_7021.jpg
zombies in town too
 photo IMG_7024.jpg

 photo 14702282_10154686866933179_9107139683643842674_n.jpg