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Friday Glastonbury, breaking down and Sheppey Inn - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Friday Glastonbury, breaking down and Sheppey Inn [Oct. 24th, 2016|05:20 pm]
Friday 21 October:  Glastonbury, Breaking down and Sheppey Inn

Just done my first drive with passengers :) and waved at Stonehenge

 photo 14725455_10153751901461548_5823584500374699273_n.jpg

Added a few more pets to our family (how could we resist on the sale) in our usual B&M Yeovil stop before Glastonbury :) they already up to no good
 photo 14716209_10153752044176548_6605667588837846127_n.jpg

 photo 14718777_10153752044906548_4492020261299443510_n.jpg
We broken down :( so near Glastonbury yet so far... but at least we have boardgames, tea and a near by blackberry bush

 photo 14656382_10153752178516548_7956639970051790140_n.jpg

Car and Simon being towed away ..Whilst we wait in a little chef to be rescued by Rob...

 photo 14731290_10153752286546548_4113606894422123957_n.jpg

Yay for Yeovil rivermead garage , they were fab, they towed the car away and wield the part back on straight away. Many hugs to Rob for collecting us from little chef as we could not fit in the rescue van. Finally all returned to Glastonbury at 6pm !!! sadly could not get into our B&B for another 46 min due to a few mishap...
Finally in the Covenstead...quick change and rush to to G&P to meet with everyone

 photo IMG_6930.jpg

 photo IMG_6931.jpg

 photo IMG_6932.jpg

 photo 14666325_10153752778571548_8028055132427624164_n.jpg

 photo 14681623_10153752778651548_3930996608320637370_n.jpg

 photo 14720342_10153752778731548_5887413472184951060_n.jpg

In the evening we returned to the Sheppey Inn, so glad the place still as quirky and the food as amazing since our last visit in January. Most importantly the wall of ciders was still there (they had the most amazing soury cloudy ones ). They also make they own gin flavour creations and well full of toys and taxidermy so in my element. Love the pub signs the most..ending for one last drink in G&P afterwards. Most needed after the journey we had the day. http://thesheppey.co.uk/

 photo IMG_6935.jpg

 photo IMG_6936.jpg

 photo IMG_6937.jpg

 photo IMG_6938.jpg

 photo IMG_6939.jpg

 photo IMG_6940.jpg

 photo IMG_6942.jpg

 photo IMG_6943.jpg

 photo IMG_6944.jpg

 photo IMG_6945.jpg

 photo IMG_6946.jpg

 photo IMG_6947.jpg

 photo IMG_6949.jpg

 photo IMG_6950.jpg

 photo IMG_6953.jpg

 photo IMG_6954.jpg

 photo IMG_6955.jpg

 photo IMG_6959.jpg

 photo IMG_6960.jpg

Back in G&P
 photo IMG_6961.jpg