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Raven King Dress - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Raven King Dress [Oct. 20th, 2016|12:04 pm]
This week like many others mostly upset about politics and certain friends who cannot seem to understand why I,(and many) are worried and upset, anyway all that is more for FB  and must try to keep this LJ for the better side of things with adventure & creations.
Off to Glastonbury for the Raven King Ball tomorrow,  Ballgown finally all packed, pleased how the final hair piece works after many failures (after attempting turning cheap wig into rococco one ..it consist of a wig with home made buns wraps inside) .
One amusing incident when i realised the black bird necklace i had attached onto my corset had lost it's beak, so frantic looking around the house for plastic birds. I eventually found one and did mini surgery of beak swapping :) the odd unicorns also were added as after all it is Glastonbury
Just a few snippets until saturday...decided not to go for regency and influence myself on the ball scene in the serie, so gone more ravens and roccocco.

 photo IMG_6453.jpg

full view but without big hoop under and ravens added ..i though i had final photo taken but ooops not
 photo IMG_6399.jpg

 photo 20161018_190100.jpg

 photo IMG_6403.jpg

 photo IMG_6407.jpg

 photo IMG_6410.jpg
this just amused me :)
 photo IMG_6687.jpg
 photo IMG_6689.jpg
 photo IMG_6690.jpg
 photo IMG_6691.jpg