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Wendy in the UK [Oct. 17th, 2016|06:59 pm]
Saturday 15 October: Wendy in the UK

Late afternoon, Aly and Rob came to ours and we were later joined by Wendy and her family after their visit to NHM, as they are visiting the UK. Later in the evening Nadia and Smaff joined us and we took everyone to our local turkish restaurant . A little noisy on a sat night but glad to see everyone. Meeting up with them all again next week at ball in Glastonbury.

 photo 14657338_10153737784066548_617815021103457608_n.jpg
 photo 14591759_10153982505652957_3596245154812001775_n.jpg
 photo 14641916_10153737784221548_7830960190186128473_n.jpg