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St Bride Ossuary/ Crypt guided tour - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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St Bride Ossuary/ Crypt guided tour [Oct. 17th, 2016|06:48 pm]
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Saturday 15 October: St Bride Ossuary guided tour

I have been to a few gigs in St Bride but never realised there was a crypt/museum underneath.  There you can see various foundations and a 19th-century iron coffin, created to deter body snatchers. The crypt was discovered following bombings in the Blitz and thousands of human remains were found. Luckily on this special tour we went behind the public crypt, as a little ossuary is still there, where the remains are still arranged as originally left in.  The crypt corridor also filled with archive boxes full of bones. There was even a little office with wall to wall boxes full of remain and got a fascinating talk by Museum of London bioarcheologist on how they use those for their studies and research. No photos of the remains but added some found online to try illustrate our visit.  Very different to the more opulent decorative ossuary but still as fascinating, especially all the current research happening there currently.
This was part of the excellent Month of the Dead program. http://www.londonmonthofthedead.com/

more on the crypt ans st bride:

 photo ossuary_s1.jpg

waiting to start
 photo 14720561_10153734835606548_4247653684135894669_n.jpg
st bride

 photo v0_master.jpg

bones in archive boxes
 photo St-Brides-Church-Crypt-Skeletons-Ossuary-1030x773.jpg

the ossuary
 photo St-Brides-Church-London-Crypt-Skeletons-1030x736.jpg
 photo St-Brides-Church-London-Crypt-Skeletons-Charnel-House-1030x773.jpg

the church
 photo IMG_6899.jpg
 photo IMG_6901.jpg

iron coffin
 photo IMG_6904.jpg

 photo IMG_6907.jpg
 photo IMG_6908.jpg