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Darkher, Smallman, SUMER, Subrosa Gig and Paul Birthday - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Darkher, Smallman, SUMER, Subrosa Gig and Paul Birthday [Oct. 12th, 2016|06:01 pm]
Tuesday 11 October: Darkher, Smallman, SUMER, Subrosa Gig and Paul Birthday

Last night started in Bento to celebrate Paul birthday (we were so pleased to have found a carved version of him) followed by a great gig night at the Underworld, fantastic array of bands. Primarily we went there to see Darkher and they didn’t disappoint, dark, atmospheric, lonely, moody, goosebumps intensive music and this time we were able to grab an album. A new discovery were Smallman, kept thinking Orphaned Land meets My dying Bride with added bagpipes. Loved them. The opening band SUMER had a lot of guitars and a great voice and Subrosa, I am still undecided loved the more eeries singing bits, great to see ladies headbanging with their violins and I love their albums artworks but just not sure of the more shouty punky bits. For a Tuesday night not bad, full of yummy bento food, lots of new CD’s and watching bands with lots of friends

birthday boy
 photo IMG_6725.jpg

 photo IMG_6730.jpg
 photo IMG_6732.jpg

Small man
 photo IMG_6739.jpg

 photo IMG_6755.jpg

 photo IMG_6763.jpg

 photo IMG_6770.jpg
 photo IMG_6779.jpg
 photo IMG_6788.jpg
 photo IMG_6792.jpg

 photo IMG_6804.jpg
 photo IMG_6805.jpg
 photo IMG_6812.jpg