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Reptile [Oct. 11th, 2016|06:12 pm]
Saturday 8th October: Reptile

Plans were to go on the Zombie walk but i was feeling quite tired and in much need of a day at home , so instead a much needed lie in, finished my raven dress and started plotting for halloween.
in the evening we went to Reptile...so many clashes that night...death in june/murphy mission gigs, invocation, slimelight 29th birthday , reptile..it was so hard to decide but as we missed so many reptiles recently really wanted to go there. It was a good night but lacked friends a little bit as we were all over the place.
I got to wear the latest bolero i made :)

Sunday 9th October:
 i drove us back in one piece from Reptile :) Attempted to bake a chocolate cake for Rob , in exchange of him bringing his car round so we can have a test drive in an automatic to see what the difference is like. Later on Aly joined us and spend the day playing board games .

 photo IMG_6693.jpg

 photo IMG_6695.jpg

 photo IMG_6699.jpg
failed attempt to catch photo of real cat!!!
 photo IMG_6707.jpg
trying get shot of new jacket i made
 photo 14517642_10153717277206548_3983210570851737611_n.jpg

 photo IMG_6697.jpg
 photo 14502815_10153717277581548_3060111719626109647_n.jpg

at reptile
 photo IMG_6711.jpg