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what a week [Oct. 11th, 2016|05:00 pm]
Tuesday 4 October
Tory came round for dinner, see the house and collect lots of books for her research :)

Wednesdat 5 October
Morrison halloween has arrived...good as such a bad days with all the latest politics suggestions of work of naming their foreigner and general nastyness online. My FB post being hijacked by trolls and general horrible brexit stuff. Also that day worried as my mum went into hospital.

 photo 14595761_10153710200596548_1087320801421988032_n.jpg photo 14563479_10153710199661548_2413346061409294054_n.jpg

Thursday 6 October
 Lovely evening at Gigi and Jon, the Halloween season really has started as i ate halloween crisps and jelly bats, pulled halloween crackers and drank pumpkin bailey :) I also had one of my best win ever playing Castle of Mad King Ludwig and tried two new fun games ..the cutest ever Exploding Kittens and the "mess with your head" Masquerade

 photo 14520536_10153713872701548_3205909573832386562_n.jpg