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Simon Parents 50th Anniversary Party - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Simon Parents 50th Anniversary Party [Oct. 4th, 2016|06:57 pm]
Sunday 2 November: Simon Parents 50th Anniversary Party

That day we left at silly early time for Norfolk ( and i drove most of the way), big party top celebrate with all their friends and especially lovely to see Simon mum do so well so soon after her stroke.
Still working through all the photos to make them a nice album
There was cake, sunday roast, jazz band, comedian and dancing...

 photo IMG_6522.jpg
 photo IMG_6530.jpg
 photo IMG_6540.jpg
 photo IMG_6543.jpg
 photo IMG_6555.jpg
 photo IMG_6577.jpg
 photo IMG_6594.jpg
 photo IMG_6623.jpg
 photo IMG_6631.jpg