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More Halloween shopping [Oct. 4th, 2016|05:29 pm]
Tuesday 27 September: More Halloween shopping

That night we went on another visit to Homesense (some new stock and temptations), then wizz to southgate as we had heard the halloween stock was in asda (sad i had to phone and check) . I think more will come as lots of stuff on website wasn't there but a good start.

asda :)

 photo 14502806_10153693112836548_707574167105021839_n.jpg
 photo 14494882_10153693112831548_3116088000796045678_n.jpg


 photo 14479580_10153693113091548_3331065790043766618_n.jpg

 photo 14516473_10153693113036548_8969093761497796754_n.jpg
 photo 14441108_10153693113026548_8819407682131302450_n.jpg

i want those skulls but £60
 photo 14495296_10153693113031548_5154180163983725178_n.jpg