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Sheep accross London Bridge - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sheep accross London Bridge [Sep. 26th, 2016|06:15 pm]
Sunday 25 September: Sheep accross London Bridge

Sunday was slightly surreal as it involved watching friends herding sheeps across London Bridge (Sophie did in in mega style wearing a full Rococco dress and wig). This might sound random but it is a thing, they were exercising their rights as Freemen of the city.
Amusing sight for any passer-by to see Marie Antoinette with sheeps being cheered by lots of goths :)

 photo IMG_6386.jpg

ready for those sheeps :)
 photo IMG_6351.jpg

 photo IMG_6354.jpg

 photo IMG_6357.jpg

 photo IMG_6360.jpg

 photo IMG_6363.jpg
simon got off the ttrain and joined us
 photo IMG_6364.jpg

 photo IMG_6365.jpg

 photo IMG_6366.jpg

here we go :)
 photo IMG_6373.jpg

 photo IMG_6375.jpg

 photo IMG_6378.jpg

 photo IMG_6389.jpg
in the pub afterwards :)
 photo IMG_6397.jpg