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Paradise Lost- The September Masquerade - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Paradise Lost- The September Masquerade [Sep. 26th, 2016|06:11 pm]
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Saturdat 24 September: Paradise Lost- The September Masquerade

Paul joined me at home and we made our way to Waterloo (although I would have prefered not to have end up in tube carriage post football match on our way there dress like that)
 It was great to be back in that venue again (vaults under Waterloo) and another excuse for some dressing up, but the event itself lacked something.

 photo IMG_6206.jpg

 photo IMG_6207.jpg

art macabre set up for life drawing
 photo IMG_6210.jpg
coffin full of balls
 photo IMG_6211.jpg

 photo IMG_6215.jpg

 photo IMG_6219.jpg

 photo IMG_6221.jpg

 photo IMG_6222.jpg

 photo IMG_6224.jpg

 photo IMG_6228.jpg

 photo IMG_6230.jpg

 photo IMG_6232.jpg

 photo IMG_6233.jpg

 photo IMG_6236.jpg
 photo IMG_6238.jpg
 photo IMG_6244.jpg
 photo IMG_6251.jpg
 photo IMG_6259.jpg
 photo IMG_6266.jpg
 photo IMG_6271.jpg
 photo IMG_6274.jpg
 photo IMG_6278.jpg
 photo IMG_6289.jpg
 photo IMG_6293.jpg
 photo IMG_6297.jpg
 photo IMG_6302.jpg

 photo IMG_6309.jpg

 photo IMG_6314.jpg

 photo IMG_6316.jpg

 photo IMG_6320.jpg

 photo IMG_6321.jpg

 photo IMG_6322.jpg

 photo IMG_6326.jpg

 photo IMG_6334.jpg