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Victorian Waterpoint, St Pancras Old church, Keats House, 2 Willow Road, Burgh House & Quakers - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Victorian Waterpoint, St Pancras Old church, Keats House, 2 Willow Road, Burgh House & Quakers [Sep. 23rd, 2016|05:48 pm]
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Sunday 18 September: London Open House (Kings Cross/Hampstead)
Victorian Waterpoint, St Pancras old church, Keats House, 2 Willow Road, Burgh House & Hampstead Friends Meeting House

Not the best start as Victoria Hall in King’s Cross (New student accommodation) was fully booked (although didn’t mentioned pre-booking online). Still gave us an opportunity to have a wander in such a ever changing area and be jealous of those having a swim.

skip garden

 photo IMG_6096.jpg
nice reuse

 photo IMG_6097.jpg
always love to live in lock house
 photo IMG_6098.jpg

We then moved on to St Pancras Cruising Club, Victorian Waterpoint a Sir George Gilbert Scott creation, which was moved whole to its new location above the basin/canal.

 photo IMG_6099.jpg


 photo IMG_6103.jpg

 photo IMG_6104.jpg

 photo IMG_6107.jpg

 photo IMG_6108.jpg

 photo IMG_6109.jpg

 photo IMG_6112.jpg

 photo IMG_6114.jpg

Little tour of St Pancras Old Church (they were having an open day) , been inside so many times for gig , it was nice to see it empty and get a talk about its interesting history. Of course occasion to take some photos of the amazing Hardy Tree (most goth tree ever)

 photo IMG_6118.jpg

 photo IMG_6119.jpg

 photo IMG_6121.jpg

 photo IMG_6122.jpg

 photo IMG_6124.jpg

 photo IMG_6125.jpg

 photo IMG_6127.jpg

hardy tree

 photo IMG_6128.jpg

 photo IMG_6129.jpg

 photo IMG_6132.jpg

 photo IMG_6133.jpg

 photo IMG_6136.jpg

 photo IMG_6138.jpg

Little hop to Belsize Park to visit the Isokon Building (Lawn Road Flats) unfortunately we had to abandon the idea (2.5 hours of queues) and continue our way onto Hampstead.

 photo IMG_6140.jpg

 photo IMG_6141.jpg

Keats House, early 19C Grade I listed building and former home of the poet. Glad I did it that day as not sure worth the entry price, nice but not much to see.

 photo IMG_6142.jpg

 photo IMG_6143.jpg

 photo IMG_6144.jpg

 photo IMG_6146.jpg

 photo IMG_6148.jpg

 photo IMG_6150.jpg

 photo IMG_6152.jpg

 photo IMG_6153.jpg

 photo IMG_6154.jpg

 photo IMG_6158.jpg

 photo IMG_6160.jpg

 photo IMG_6162.jpg

 photo IMG_6164.jpg

 photo IMG_6165.jpg

After an unplanned food and drink break we were finally able to visit 2 Willow Road (given timed tickets and no photos) Ern_ Goldfinger's unique Modernist family home, I really dislike the brutalist architecture he created but very visionary at the time and some nice use of space. Very fascinating visit and such a shame we could not do Isokon as would have gone perfectly together.

cutest gate

 photo IMG_6166.jpg
2 willow road

 photo IMG_6168.jpg

 photo IMG_6169.jpg

From there we went to Burgh House (a revisit for me) but it was on the way, a Grade I listed Queen Anne house retaining original panelling and staircase with a modern gallery set in a small terrace garden. More on the history of Hampstead.

 photo IMG_6170.jpg

 photo IMG_6172.jpg

 photo IMG_6173.jpg

 photo IMG_6174.jpg

 photo IMG_6175.jpg

 photo IMG_6177.jpg

Our final visit before the pub, was Hampstead Friends Meeting House , a lovely Listed Arts and Crafts building, loved the entry and as always made us so welcome and fed us yummy cakes and teas.

 photo IMG_6180.jpg
 photo IMG_6182.jpg
 photo IMG_6185.jpg
 photo IMG_6186.jpg
 photo IMG_6189.jpg
 photo IMG_6191.jpg
 photo IMG_6195.jpg
 photo IMG_6197.jpg

 photo IMG_6096.jpg

 photo IMG_6097.jpg