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Wimbledon Windmill, Wistaston Cottage, Quaker Meeting House & Emanuel School (LOH Sat) - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Wimbledon Windmill, Wistaston Cottage, Quaker Meeting House & Emanuel School (LOH Sat) [Sep. 21st, 2016|06:10 pm]
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Saturday 17 September : London Open House (Merton /Wandsworth):Wimbledon Windmill, Wistaston Cottage, Wandsworth Quaker Meeting House and Emanuel School

Our next stop was Wimbledon Windmill , sadly mostly under scaffolding and no wings atm, still always nice to visit and lovely little museum inside full of windmills models.

 photo IMG_5982.jpg
 photo IMG_5985.jpg
 photo IMG_5986.jpg
 photo IMG_5987.jpg
 photo IMG_5991.jpg
 photo IMG_5992.jpg
 photo IMG_5993.jpg
 photo IMG_5994.jpg
 photo IMG_5996.jpg
 photo IMG_5997.jpg
 photo IMG_5999.jpg
 photo IMG_6001.jpg
 photo IMG_6003.jpg

A walk across the park confusing the dog walkers and joggers took us to Roehampton where we visited Wistaston Cottage . A new two-storey timber rear extension to a Gothic revival semi-detached house.  A bit minimalist and modern for my taste, but always interesting to see contemporary extensions and it was kind of on route.

 photo IMG_6009.jpg
 photo IMG_6010.jpg

from outside
 photo IMG_6011.jpg
 photo IMG_6013.jpg
 photo IMG_6015.jpg
 photo IMG_6017.jpg
 photo IMG_6018.jpg
 photo IMG_6019.jpg

a garden fiurther down much more my style
 photo IMG_6023.jpg
 photo IMG_6024.jpg

From there we caught a bus to the Wandsworth Quaker Meeting House, Grade II listed, this is the oldest Quaker meeting house in Greater London (1778), with original panelling and a ministers' gallery. Secluded burial ground and garden. Having done Uxbridge last year it was nice to see another also after a lovely visit they fed us yummy tea and cakes.

 photo IMG_6025.jpg
 photo IMG_6027.jpg
 photo IMG_6028.jpg
 photo IMG_6029.jpg
 photo IMG_6030.jpg
 photo IMG_6032.jpg
 photo IMG_6035.jpg
 photo IMG_6036.jpg

Our final visit was Emanuel School , former Royal Patriotic orphanage, converted to school 1883. Set in 12 acres, just like you sometimes see in film, that was grand and so many stories of teachers and pupils, the archivist did the tour and he was passionate about the subject and we went all around the labyrinth that that school is. More modern inside (apart from church and music room) but what an exterior.

 photo IMG_6039.jpg
 photo IMG_6042.jpg
 photo IMG_6043.jpg
 photo IMG_6045.jpg
 photo IMG_6046.jpg
 photo IMG_6047.jpg
 photo IMG_6048.jpg
 photo IMG_6049.jpg
 photo IMG_6050.jpg
 photo IMG_6052.jpg
 photo IMG_6054.jpg

 photo IMG_6063.jpg
 photo IMG_6065.jpg
 photo IMG_6068.jpg
 photo IMG_6070.jpg
 photo IMG_6075.jpg
 photo IMG_6077.jpg
 photo IMG_6081.jpg
 photo IMG_6086.jpg
 photo IMG_6089.jpg
 photo IMG_6090.jpg

Ending in a lovely pub to rest.

 photo 14332921_10153667718016548_7407708192661469127_n.jpg
 photo 14369976_10153667716571548_1403614252861966274_n.jpg
 photo 14355750_10153667718556548_5594280495356308176_n.jpg
 photo 14330013_10153667716866548_3205100485289858392_n.jpg