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Buddhapadipa Temple & St Mary's Church & Garden Hall (London Open House Saturday) - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Buddhapadipa Temple & St Mary's Church & Garden Hall (London Open House Saturday) [Sep. 21st, 2016|05:49 pm]
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Saturday 17 September : London Open House (Merton /Wandsworth)Buddhapadipa Temple & St Mary's Church & Garden Hall

What I love with open house is discovering new section of London. On Saturday we mostly explored around the Wimbledon/Wandsworth area.
Our journey started in Wimbledon park (what a lovely residential area) passed a lovely Artesian Well (1798) later converted into a house (1975). Our first visit was St Mary's Church & Garden Hall , a Grade II listed church by Gilbert Scott. A very lovely ceiling but not so sure about the modern Riba winning Garden Hall, just a glass box to me. The graveyard had a fantastic pyramid monument.

 photo IMG_5850.jpg

lovely houses
 photo IMG_5851.jpg

 photo IMG_5876.jpg
 photo IMG_5877.jpg
entry to St Mary Church

 photo IMG_5855.jpg
 photo IMG_5856.jpg
love that grave
 photo IMG_5859.jpg
 photo IMG_5861.jpg
 photo IMG_5862.jpg
 photo IMG_5863.jpg
 photo IMG_5865.jpg
 photo IMG_5867.jpg
 photo IMG_5870.jpg

the garden hall
 photo IMG_5872.jpg
 photo IMG_5874.jpg

The  Buddhapadipa Temple , OMG I think the highlight of this year open house. I was expecting a  nice shiny Buddhist Theravada Temple instead I got that, and some unexpected modern additions (Built in 1982) Some sections would make most beautiful album covers, most surreal are the nuclear missile amongst the demons and  a two-headed robotic Gaddafi,  there’s a punk in heaven and Vincent Van Gogh upside down and even a the Mona Lisa. Hell looks like it was design by Giger…add to this all the beautiful buddhas, gilded decors, classical murals , monk quarters, tranquil lake and zen gardens it was just one of the most surprising visit .

 photo IMG_5908.jpg

looks normal outside
 photo IMG_5879.jpg
 photo IMG_5882.jpg

 photo IMG_5889.jpg

 photo IMG_5890.jpg

 photo IMG_5891.jpg

 photo IMG_5893.jpg

then you start to notice
 photo IMG_5895.jpg
 photo IMG_5897.jpg

 photo IMG_5898.jpg
rockets and gaddafi
 photo IMG_5900.jpg

 photo IMG_5902.jpg

 photo IMG_5903.jpg

 photo IMG_5904.jpg

 photo IMG_5905.jpg
 photo IMG_5906.jpg
 photo IMG_5909.jpg
 photo IMG_5910.jpg

 photo IMG_5911.jpg

 photo IMG_5917.jpg
van gogh
 photo IMG_5918.jpg

 photo IMG_5919.jpg

 photo IMG_5922.jpg

 photo IMG_5923.jpg
love those so modern in many ways
 photo IMG_5924.jpg

 photo IMG_5927.jpg
even her
 photo IMG_5928.jpg
loved the light switch..must do it at home
 photo IMG_5929.jpg

 photo IMG_5931.jpg

 photo IMG_5932.jpg

 photo IMG_5934.jpg
the eyes above entry door
 photo IMG_5936.jpg

 photo IMG_5939.jpg

 photo IMG_5940.jpg

 photo IMG_5942.jpg

 photo IMG_5943.jpg
those so fab abstract gory
 photo IMG_5944.jpg

 photo IMG_5945.jpg

 photo IMG_5946.jpg
 photo IMG_5949.jpg

 photo IMG_5951.jpg

 photo IMG_5952.jpg

 photo IMG_5956.jpg

 photo IMG_5957.jpg

 photo IMG_5960.jpg
what a mixture
 photo IMG_5961.jpg
zen garden
 photo IMG_5966.jpg

 photo IMG_5967.jpg

 photo IMG_5968.jpg

 photo IMG_5973.jpg

 photo IMG_5974.jpg

 photo IMG_5977.jpg

 photo IMG_5978.jpg

where the monks live
 photo IMG_5979.jpg

 photo IMG_5980.jpg