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Is it all Black + White ? - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Is it all Black + White ? [Sep. 15th, 2016|05:08 pm]

Saturday 10 September: Is it all Black + White ?

This is a free festival put on by Autorotation to showcase electronic music, choir, poetry and more...also a free event.
Held in St.Leonard’s Church, Simon opened the proceeding at 3pm with some site specific spoken word he created for the event and some of his Hi-Reciprocity material.
We also worked as usherers .
The Special Guests turned out to be Sol Invictus playing songs from the new Necropolis Album (out later this year) with the full choir, Simon accompany Tony Wakeford and with Eilish and Jo Quail.

Some bands were more soundscapes , so it was a great mix and many discoveries.

We dressed for the theme to welcome friends and visitors :)<

 photo 14322684_1026105460869267_657978685705105019_n.jpg

 photo IMG_5665.jpg

 photo IMG_5666.jpg

 photo IMG_5669.jpg
 photo IMG_5670.jpg

 photo IMG_5674.jpg

 photo IMG_5680.jpg

 photo IMG_5683.jpg

 photo IMG_5684.jpg

 photo IMG_5687.jpg

 photo IMG_5691.jpg

 photo IMG_5694.jpg

 photo IMG_5678.jpg

it began Simon /Hi Reciprocity
 photo IMG_5700.jpg

 photo IMG_5702.jpg

 photo IMG_5709.jpg

 photo IMG_5715.jpg
kirsten morrison
 photo IMG_5720.jpg

 photo IMG_5729.jpg

 photo IMG_5731.jpg

 photo IMG_5733.jpg
Adjoa Akoma
 photo IMG_5736.jpg
 photo IMG_5742.jpg

 photo IMG_5744.jpg

 photo IMG_5745.jpg
Special guest Sol Invictus
 photo IMG_5748.jpg
 photo IMG_5762.jpg
 photo IMG_5763.jpg
 photo IMG_5769.jpg
mid play cuddle :)
 photo IMG_5770.jpg
 photo IMG_5773.jpg
 photo IMG_5780.jpg
 photo IMG_5784.jpg
usual gang :)
 photo IMG_5786.jpg
 photo IMG_5787.jpg
 photo IMG_5797.jpg
 photo IMG_5798.jpg
 photo IMG_5800.jpg
 photo IMG_5803.jpg
 photo IMG_5807.jpg
 photo IMG_5812.jpg

 photo IMG_5814.jpg
 photo IMG_5815.jpg

taken on my phone beforehand
 photo 14291805_10153651123241548_196323884530725912_n.jpg

Steve photos
 photo 14233204_1026105490869264_3079271010458054281_n.jpg

 photo 14264049_1026107514202395_1967070012680144076_n.jpg

 photo 14237732_1026107647535715_8128537677946254386_n.jpg

had to be done :)
 photo 14191967_1026104720869341_4213388211409427622_n.jpg

 photo 14265083_10154320440442110_195183425704472290_n.jpg