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National Theatre Archives [Sep. 12th, 2016|12:47 pm]

Friday 9 September: National Theatre Archives

Fascinating visit at the National Theatre Archives on Friday afternoon, open to anyone, from there you can watch all the NT live performance, browse through their collection of pretty much everything from the start of the company in 1963 right up to the present day. They have amazing costume bibles; posters; press reviews; rehearsal and technical photographs; programmes; prompt scripts; stage management reports; video and audio recordings of performances and talks. Loved seeing all the Jocelyn Herbert sketches, all the clothes and set designed she did over the years. The Archives also has some exhibition space in the National Theatre itself since the big refurbishment. After the visit we went of a little tour there to see the various new spaces and exhibitions…loved the red skulls

 photo IMG_5646.jpg
 photo IMG_5647.jpg
 photo IMG_5648.jpg
 photo IMG_5651.jpg
 photo IMG_5652.jpg
 photo IMG_5653.jpg
 photo IMG_5655.jpg
 photo IMG_5656.jpg
 photo IMG_5657.jpg
 photo IMG_5658.jpg
 photo IMG_5661.jpg

What I didn’t realised was that everything for the National Theatre productions is made on site, (really need to visit the wardrobe department next). They now have this great Sherling High Level Walkway which let visitors views into their production workshops for set construction and assembly, scenic painting and prop-making. Loved seeing trees on hooks, and them making a piano and painting a backdrop for Amadeus.

 photo IMG_5621.jpg
 photo IMG_5623.jpg
 photo IMG_5625.jpg
 photo IMG_5626.jpg
 photo IMG_5627.jpg
 photo IMG_5629.jpg
 photo IMG_5630.jpg
 photo IMG_5633.jpg
 photo IMG_5635.jpg
 photo IMG_5636.jpg
 photo IMG_5638.jpg
 photo IMG_5643.jpg