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Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum...the last day - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum...the last day [Aug. 31st, 2016|01:59 pm]
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Monday 22 August: Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum, Swims and Masks

Sadly our last day here, so decided to have our first lie in and after a few swims to visit the local folk museum, also the house of famous sri lankan author Martin Wickramasinghe. Giving glimpse of what life was like on the island up to a century ago, lots of masks and puppets . It was also full of very bouncy squirels

 photo IMG_5225.jpg

 photo IMG_5226.jpg

 photo IMG_5227.jpg

 photo IMG_5228.jpg

 photo IMG_5229.jpg

 photo IMG_5230.jpg

 photo IMG_5231.jpg

 photo IMG_5234.jpg

 photo IMG_5235.jpg

 photo IMG_5236.jpg

 photo IMG_5237.jpg

 photo IMG_5241.jpg

 photo IMG_5244.jpg
his house
 photo IMG_5245.jpg

 photo IMG_5246.jpg

One last little tuktuk ride to the next village wood carver so we could spend our last few roupies on a few more masks and puppets.

 photo IMG_5250.jpg

 photo IMG_5252.jpg

Last afternoon of swimming in full moonsoon rain, we seemed the only hotel guests to enjoy the pool in crazy rain .
We then went to play in the waves...they just get better and bigger each time but near impossible to get a good shot whilst being drowned in them.
We also made a cat and skulls sand creations
and spotted a few more huge turtles swimming by.
I am so going to miss the food, weather , temples and water...sadly being collected at 4 am tomorrow for the long journey back

 photo 20160822_151126.jpg

 photo 20160822_152357.jpg

 photo 20160822_160143.jpg

 photo 20160822_160456.jpg

 photo 20160822_161117.jpg

 photo 20160822_161424.jpg

 photo 20160822_161611.jpg