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Madu Gaga Wetland, Mangrove, Cinnamon Island, Temple & Fish eating feet - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Madu Gaga Wetland, Mangrove, Cinnamon Island, Temple & Fish eating feet [Aug. 31st, 2016|01:45 pm]
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Sunday 21 August: Part 2: Madu Gaga Wetland, Mangrove, Cinnamon Island, Temple  & Fish eating feet

That afternoon we went on a boat trip in Madu Gaga wetland made of mangrove tunnel and 64 islands. We saw many water monitors lizards floating alongside and varieties of birds . There was a cute tiny island with small temple (smaller than our back garden ) and an island where they make cinnamon, I love cinnamon but never tasted it raw and fresh Stratford the bark. ..yummy
Tried their floating fish farm, those fishes were a lot bigger than when we tried in Cambodia and hungry! !! Even the monks were having their feet nibbled away

straight away saw a water monitors lizard
 photo IMG_5089.jpg

 photo IMG_5092.jpg

 photo IMG_5094.jpg

i love mangrove
 photo IMG_5098.jpg

 photo IMG_5101.jpg

 photo IMG_5103.jpg

 photo IMG_5108.jpg

 photo IMG_5111.jpg

 photo IMG_5114.jpg
coconut seller in the middle
 photo IMG_5117.jpg
 photo IMG_5120.jpg

 photo IMG_5121.jpg

 photo IMG_5123.jpg

 photo IMG_5128.jpg

 photo IMG_5131.jpg

super small island with temple
 photo IMG_5137.jpg
collecting me a flower
 photo IMG_5139.jpg

 photo IMG_5141.jpg

 photo IMG_5142.jpg

temple island
 photo IMG_5146.jpg

 photo IMG_5147.jpg

 photo IMG_5153.jpg

 photo IMG_5154.jpg

 photo IMG_5155.jpg

 photo IMG_5156.jpg
old toilet
 photo IMG_5158.jpg

 photo IMG_5159.jpg

 photo IMG_5160.jpg

loved this
 photo IMG_5161.jpg

 photo IMG_5162.jpg

 photo IMG_5166.jpg

 photo IMG_5167.jpg
getting blessed
 photo IMG_5168.jpg

 photo IMG_5169.jpg

 photo IMG_5170.jpg

cinnamon island
 photo IMG_5174.jpg

 photo IMG_5175.jpg

 photo IMG_5177.jpg

feet farm ..they so much bigger than
 photo IMG_5178.jpg

 photo IMG_5181.jpg

 photo IMG_5185.jpg

 photo IMG_5190.jpg

 photo IMG_5196.jpg

 photo IMG_5197.jpg

 photo IMG_5200.jpg
monks getting their feet nibbled
 photo IMG_5201.jpg

 photo IMG_5203.jpg

 photo IMG_5206.jpg

 photo IMG_5208.jpg

 photo IMG_5210.jpg
on the way back
 photo IMG_5212.jpg
tsumani memorial
 photo IMG_5213.jpg

 photo IMG_5216.jpg