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Ariyapala Mask Museum - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Ariyapala Mask Museum [Aug. 31st, 2016|01:20 pm]
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Sunday 21 August: Part 1: Ariyapala Mask Museum

That morning went to the Ariyapala Mask museum ; full of ancient devil masks and devil dancers. I loved they had a mask for most illnesses from cholera to eye infections and colds

 photo IMG_5041.jpg

 photo IMG_5020.jpg

 photo IMG_5021.jpg

 photo IMG_5022.jpg

 photo IMG_5023.jpg

 photo IMG_5024.jpg

 photo IMG_5027.jpg

 photo IMG_5029.jpg

 photo IMG_5030.jpg

 photo IMG_5031.jpg

 photo IMG_5033.jpg

 photo IMG_5034.jpg

 photo IMG_5035.jpg

 photo IMG_5037.jpg

 photo IMG_5038.jpg

 photo IMG_5039.jpg

 photo IMG_5043.jpg

 photo IMG_5045.jpg

 photo IMG_5046.jpg

 photo IMG_5047.jpg

 photo IMG_5048.jpg

 photo IMG_5051.jpg
 photo IMG_5052.jpg

 photo IMG_5053.jpg

 photo IMG_5054.jpg

 photo IMG_5055.jpg

 photo IMG_5056.jpg

soldiers full of leaches
 photo IMG_5064.jpg

 photo IMG_5065.jpg
where they hand make everything
 photo IMG_5066.jpg

 photo IMG_5068.jpg

 photo IMG_5069.jpg

Just as many amazing masks in the museum shop, we wanted them all ♡♡♡might have got some little ones and a puppet but wishing I had wall spaces and budget for some of the massive ones so colourful and detailed.

 photo IMG_5071.jpg

 photo IMG_5073.jpg

 photo IMG_5074.jpg

 photo IMG_5076.jpg

 photo IMG_5078.jpg

 photo IMG_5079.jpg

 photo IMG_5080.jpg

 photo IMG_5081.jpg

 photo IMG_5084.jpg

 photo IMG_5085.jpg

 photo IMG_5086.jpg

 photo IMG_5087.jpg