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Giant Bats & Yala West National Park Safari - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Giant Bats & Yala West National Park Safari [Aug. 31st, 2016|01:01 pm]
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Friday 19 August: Part 2: Giant Bats & Yala West National Park Safari

En route stop by lake to see lots of fruit bats and water buffalo by Tissa Wewa

 photo IMG_4784.jpg

 photo IMG_4785.jpg

 photo IMG_4787.jpg

 photo IMG_4789.jpg

 photo IMG_4791.jpg

 photo IMG_4796.jpg
tuk tuk and water buffalo perfect
 photo IMG_4798.jpg

 photo IMG_4801.jpg

loved those shots, i wanted to join them

 photo IMG_4804.jpg

 photo IMG_4805.jpg

 photo IMG_4807.jpg

 photo IMG_4809.jpg

Wildlife spotting safari in Yala West National Park. My first jeep adventure, we saw lots of elephants; mongooses, crocodiles, buffaloes, deers, monkeys, many birds, eagles, peacocks, pelicans, lizards, wild boars but not as successful for leopards but saw one's tail :) there was also lots of jeep traffic jams :)

 photo IMG_4817.jpg

 photo IMG_4818.jpg
our guide
 photo IMG_4819.jpg
so red and dry
 photo IMG_4821.jpg
first spotting
 photo IMG_4822.jpg

 photo IMG_4824.jpg
a bit of everything
 photo IMG_4827.jpg

 photo IMG_4832.jpg
lots of peacocks
 photo IMG_4835.jpg

time to time if something was spotted , especially if a leopard created mayhem of jeeps
 photo IMG_4838.jpg

 photo IMG_4841.jpg

 photo IMG_4853.jpg
that was so pretty eating elephants
 photo IMG_4858.jpg
what a scenery
 photo IMG_4867.jpg

 photo IMG_4871.jpg

 photo IMG_4876.jpg

 photo IMG_4878.jpg

 photo IMG_4881.jpg

 photo IMG_4883.jpg

 photo IMG_4888.jpg

dry mud shower

 photo IMG_4892.jpg

 photo IMG_4893.jpg
 photo IMG_4896.jpg

 photo IMG_4899.jpg

 photo IMG_4902.jpg
some sort of cemetery
 photo IMG_4907.jpg

 photo IMG_4908.jpg

 photo IMG_4911.jpg

 photo IMG_4916.jpg

 photo IMG_4919.jpg

 photo IMG_4920.jpg