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Wewurukannala Vihara Temple and the Tunnel of Hell - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Wewurukannala Vihara Temple and the Tunnel of Hell [Aug. 31st, 2016|12:35 pm]
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Friday 19 August Part 1: Wewurukannala Vihara Temple and the Tunnel of Hell (Kitsch & Gory Heaven)
Today involved lots of driving, about 10 hours in car or jeep, at least there was an amazing temple on the way . Wewurukannala vihara, it main Buddha is 30m high and the largest in Sri Lanka and you can climb in its head!
The temple is full of gorgeous colourful statues of the life of Buddha and king Rajadhi.
In love with the kitsch and colours
Main reason for doing this temple was for this: the tunnel of hell !!!!! Gory and kitsch ♡♡♡ Models and wall paintings illustrating what will happen should one succumb to all those earthly temptations lining the path to enlightenment.
That was amazing, shame a bit of a rushed visit and we didn't get time to climb inside buddha head. Also not sure our guide like anything “hell”  as really rushed through it and each time seem to think not worth visiting !

 photo IMG_4648.jpg
the colours
 photo IMG_4649.jpg

 photo IMG_4651.jpg

 photo IMG_4653.jpg

 photo IMG_4654.jpg

 photo IMG_4655.jpg

 photo IMG_4657.jpg

 photo IMG_4659.jpg

 photo IMG_4662.jpg

 photo IMG_4673.jpg

 photo IMG_4674.jpg

 photo IMG_4677.jpg

 photo IMG_4678.jpg

 photo IMG_4680.jpg

 photo IMG_4681.jpg

 photo IMG_4685.jpg

 photo IMG_4687.jpg

 photo IMG_4691.jpg

 photo IMG_4692.jpg

 photo IMG_4695.jpg

 photo IMG_4697.jpg

 photo IMG_4698.jpg

 photo IMG_4700.jpg

 photo IMG_4701.jpg

 photo IMG_4703.jpg

 photo IMG_4704.jpg

 photo IMG_4705.jpg

 photo IMG_4706.jpg

 photo IMG_4707.jpg

 photo IMG_4709.jpg

 photo IMG_4714.jpg

 photo IMG_4717.jpg

The Tunnel of Hell
 photo IMG_4720.jpg

 photo IMG_4723.jpg

 photo IMG_4724.jpg

 photo IMG_4725.jpg

 photo IMG_4727.jpg

 photo IMG_4728.jpg

thos panel shaw the the naughty action at top and what will happen to you at bottom

 photo IMG_4730.jpg

 photo IMG_4732.jpg

 photo IMG_4733.jpg

 photo IMG_4734.jpg

 photo IMG_4735.jpg

 photo IMG_4736.jpg

 photo IMG_4737.jpg

 photo IMG_4738.jpg

 photo IMG_4740.jpg

 photo IMG_4741.jpg

 photo IMG_4742.jpg

 photo IMG_4743.jpg

 photo IMG_4744.jpg

 photo IMG_4745.jpg

 photo IMG_4746.jpg

 photo IMG_4747.jpg

 photo IMG_4748.jpg

 photo IMG_4749.jpg

 photo IMG_4750.jpg

 photo IMG_4751.jpg

 photo IMG_4752.jpg

 photo IMG_4753.jpg

 photo IMG_4754.jpg

 photo IMG_4755.jpg

 photo IMG_4759.jpg

 photo IMG_4760.jpg

 photo IMG_4761.jpg

 photo IMG_4763.jpg

 photo IMG_4764.jpg

 photo IMG_4765.jpg

 photo IMG_4766.jpg

 photo IMG_4767.jpg

 photo IMG_4768.jpg

 photo IMG_4769.jpg

 photo IMG_4770.jpg

 photo IMG_4771.jpg

 photo IMG_4772.jpg
 photo IMG_4774.jpg

 photo IMG_4775.jpg

 photo IMG_4776.jpg

 photo IMG_4777.jpg

 photo IMG_4779.jpg

 photo IMG_4780.jpg

 photo IMG_4782.jpg