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Tea Plantation, Yatagala Temple, Mini Hell, Galle, Japanese Peace Pagoda & Dutch Church (Sri Lanka) - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Tea Plantation, Yatagala Temple, Mini Hell, Galle, Japanese Peace Pagoda & Dutch Church (Sri Lanka) [Aug. 30th, 2016|01:53 pm]
Thursday 18 August:  Tea Plantation, Yatagala Temple, Mini Hell, Galle, Japanese Peace Pagoda & Dutch Church (Sri Lanka)

Simon sister had found a local guide through trip advisor and send him details of what we wanted to visit. He came to collect us at 9am.
Our first visit today was to a tea plantation, especially known for their virgin white tea (completely untouched by human hands). Very interesting to see the whole process and got to try many at the end. Got some super yummy yogi teas and cinnamon teas as well as unusual Suicide club tea with brandy in it.

 photo IMG_4475.jpg
our little guide
 photo IMG_4479.jpg
they do lots of flower tea too
 photo IMG_4480.jpg

 photo IMG_4481.jpg
the drying
 photo IMG_4483.jpg

 photo IMG_4484.jpg

 photo IMG_4489.jpg

 photo IMG_4491.jpg
so many teas to try
 photo IMG_4493.jpg

 photo IMG_4494.jpg

 photo IMG_4496.jpg

 photo IMG_4497.jpg

Side of the road fresh coconut stop
 photo IMG_4499.jpg
 photo IMG_4500.jpg

 photo IMG_4501.jpg

Yatagala raja maha viharaya temple.
Ancient Buddhist Temple built by Sri Lankan Royalty dating back to 2300 years when a sapling of the Sri Maha Bo Tree in Anuradapura was planted here during the reign of His Majesty Devanam Piyatissa.
The temple looks out over paddy fields and small hamlets. One large statue, a stupa, lying Buddha, great rock formations and a magnificent Bodhi tree

love this shot
 photo IMG_4503.jpg

 photo IMG_4504.jpg

shame not allowed to have back to buddha's so hard to pose near it but loved the scale
 photo IMG_4505.jpg

 photo IMG_4506.jpg

Bodhi tree

 photo IMG_4511.jpg

 photo IMG_4514.jpg

Buddha under rocks

 photo IMG_4516.jpg

 photo IMG_4520.jpg

 photo IMG_4522.jpg

loved that tree
 photo IMG_4524.jpg

 photo IMG_4525.jpg

Reclining Buddha (sadly no photos a shame as it was quite an explosion of colours but i got a few from first room before i realised)  Love the mixture of styles and the colours inside.
 photo IMG_4526.jpg

 photo IMG_4527.jpg

inside from internet

 photo IMG_4530.jpg

Our favourite bit of the temple...The little hell cave kitsch and bloody
 photo IMG_4531.jpg

 photo IMG_4532.jpg

 photo IMG_4533.jpg

 photo IMG_4534.jpg

 photo IMG_4537.jpg

 photo IMG_4538.jpg

 photo IMG_4541.jpg

on the way to Galle we stopped at a fish market

 photo IMG_4543.jpg

 photo IMG_4547.jpg

 photo IMG_4548.jpg

 photo IMG_4551.jpg

Galle town, a mix of colonial architecture and Dutch/Portuguese/English fortifications .
Very different to all the town's and villages we went through with its clock tower, lighthouse, bastion, mosque, temples and churches.

 photo IMG_4560.jpg

 photo IMG_4561.jpg

 photo IMG_4563.jpg

 photo IMG_4564.jpg

 photo IMG_4565.jpg

 photo IMG_4567.jpg

Dutch reformed church. Some lovely skulls and crossbones gravestones

 photo IMG_4568.jpg

 photo IMG_4570.jpg

 photo IMG_4573.jpg

 photo IMG_4579.jpg

 photo IMG_4580.jpg

 photo IMG_4583.jpg

more from around the town and remparts
 photo IMG_4584.jpg

 photo IMG_4585.jpg

 photo IMG_4587.jpg

 photo IMG_4588.jpg

 photo IMG_4590.jpg

 photo IMG_4594.jpg

 photo IMG_4596.jpg

 photo IMG_4597.jpg

 photo IMG_4598.jpg

amazing temple on edge of town
 photo IMG_4601.jpg

Went to see how gem stones were made and treated...so much shininess inside the shop/factory although can only imagine the price tags ! More in my price range we went to do a but of browsing in local downtown shopping streets failed at working out the fabric shops but got a cool demon's statue.

 photo IMG_4602.jpg

 photo IMG_4603.jpg

As usual guides have got their own ideas and our was lovely but didn't quite understant the concept of shopping..so finally made him dropped us in town for 30 min so had a chance to look at shops but it was a bit of a rush and a street full of saree shops . Failed getting fabrics but managed to get a big blue demon at least :)

 photo IMG_4605.jpg

 photo IMG_4607.jpg

 photo IMG_4623.jpg

 photo IMG_4624.jpg

Last visit of the day the Japanese peace pagoda
A gift from the Japanese, with impressive views of the coast line and Galle Fort and lighthouse.

 photo IMG_4557.jpg

 photo IMG_4608.jpg

 photo IMG_4610.jpg

 photo IMG_4611.jpg

 photo IMG_4613.jpg

 photo IMG_4616.jpg

 photo IMG_4620.jpg

Back to hotel

luckily caught a stilt fisherman just outside our hotel
 photo IMG_4628.jpg

 photo IMG_4633.jpg

 photo IMG_4642.jpg

Back in the hotel in much need of jumping in the pool after a hot day sightseeing; pretty much stayed in it till dinner time, then back in to digest afterward ... sunset & cocktail
 photo IMG_4644.jpg

 photo IMG_4647.jpg

 photo 20160818_172457.jpg

 photo 20160818_173008.jpg

 photo 20160818_173259.jpg