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Relax day: Spa, Beach, Stilt fishermen, Swimming and Waves (Sri Lanka) - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Relax day: Spa, Beach, Stilt fishermen, Swimming and Waves (Sri Lanka) [Aug. 30th, 2016|01:00 pm]

Wednesday 17 August: Relax day: Spa, Beach, Stilt fishermen, Swimming and Waves (Sri Lanka)

Our balcony view this morning.
That day Simon sister and brother in law had only arrived in the early hours of the morning so we decided to have a relax day and planned the rest of the week...and explore our hotel and its surroundings.

 photo IMG_4378.jpg

 photo IMG_4391.jpg

 photo IMG_4365.jpg

 photo IMG_4368.jpg

birdy friends
 photo IMG_4371.jpg

Breakfast friends, there are super cute squirels everywhere. One just jump over simon sleeping in his deckchair. So much choices for breakfast love it my plates can be filled with passion fruits , coconut parati, curries, dhaal, waffles, noodles, berries and salmon.

 photo IMG_4373.jpg

 photo IMG_4376.jpg

 photo IMG_4377.jpg

Mega windy but you can see the fishermen sticks behind me. Saw them fishing last night in complete darkness. Also just spotted lots of massive turtles in the sea
 photo IMG_4393.jpg

Not really a spa person but we had a voucher to make use of, so I just had a full sea salt body scrub, which was lovely I especially loved the outdoor shower and bathtub.

 photo IMG_4394.jpg

 photo IMG_4395.jpg

 photo IMG_4396.jpg

Today was mostly spent in the water

 photo IMG_4397.jpg

 photo IMG_4402.jpg

 photo 20160817_204536.jpg

 photo 20160817_205012.jpg

 photo 20160817_205711.jpg

 photo IMG_4405.jpg

Sea side ballad spotting stilt fishermen and turtles but too fast in and out of water to ever catch them

 photo IMG_4407.jpg

 photo IMG_4411.jpg

 photo IMG_4416.jpg
beach just underneath hotel wall
 photo IMG_4421.jpg

The waves were crazy (not surprising as red flags)so some great played tumble in the rough sea.

 photo IMG_4427.jpg

 photo IMG_4430.jpg

 photo 20160817_223621.jpg

 photo 20160817_223649.jpg

 photo 20160817_223944.jpg
in the natural sea pool
 photo 20160817_225838.jpg

 photo 20160817_230300.jpg
what waves
 photo IMG_4432.jpg

 photo IMG_4433.jpg

 photo IMG_4434.jpg

Toys to play with in the gardens. Today being Nikini Full Moon Poya day, alcohol cannot be sold so the hotel threw a little party for guests with free cocktails , foot massage and canapés in spoons . Other amusing ways around it was the offer to sneak wine in teapot at dinner but much happier with fresh coconut.

 photo IMG_4438.jpg

 photo IMG_4442.jpg

 photo IMG_4447.jpg

 photo IMG_4449.jpg

 photo IMG_4455.jpg

 photo IMG_4458.jpg
all cocktail party should give free massage :)
 photo IMG_4467.jpg

 photo IMG_4469.jpg

 photo IMG_4470.jpg

I had to take a silly picture of this page in our hotel welcoming book as my first ever pillows menu bed time here on not sure which one

 photo IMG_4474.jpg