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Arriving in Sri Lanka - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Arriving in Sri Lanka [Aug. 30th, 2016|12:20 pm]
Tuesday 16 August: Arriving in Sri Lanka

After two very long flights and lots of movie's watching we landed in Colombo this afternoon ,then a 3 hour drive to our hotel in Koggala in southern sri lanka to finally arrived around 8pm local time. Omg the fanciest hotel i have ever been in, our room is bigger than our house and breathtaking ocean view.  The bath has jacuzzi and colour changing and that rainfall shower <3 Just had the most amazing buffet of freshly cook local seafood and ready to go and try the infinity pool before collapsing into a real bed.

 photo IMG_4331.jpg

 photo IMG_4333.jpg

 photo IMG_4334.jpg

little checking of the sea and spotting a fisherman on stilt (impossible to catch photo)
 photo IMG_4343.jpg

 photo IMG_4346.jpg

Night swim in empty infinity pools underneath the full moon, hundreds of croaking ravens in the trees and the sound of crashing waves . I think this is going to be our post dinner routine.

 photo IMG_4352.jpg

 photo IMG_4357.jpg