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Rosa Crux 6eme Nuit Dark-Ritual - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Rosa Crux 6eme Nuit Dark-Ritual [Aug. 9th, 2016|05:29 pm]
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Saturday 6 August: Rosa Crux 6eme Nuit Dark-Ritual
"Crypt filled with mummies, overgrown cemeteries, Gothic ruins burnt whilst bats on sticks flew round, skeleton witches flying on burning brooms, naked man in cage smash against metal plaque, dust eath dance, giant cello noise, art, ballroom and, of course, beautiful unearthly music by Jo Quail and Rosa Crux"

 photo IMG_3774.jpg

In the morning we invaded the supermarket and filled the van with french produces and alcohol. This was so cool, as Alan had planned to drive us all back to our houses so we could restock on sirups, wines and mustards. We returned to Thoix around 4pm collecting Jo Quail on the way. As one of the support acts she was staying in a near by chateau.

 photo IMG_3715.jpg

 photo IMG_3719.jpg

 photo IMG_3720.jpg

 photo IMG_3725.jpg

Crypt tour.
At the sound of a bell, we were taken to the entry of the crypt, given a torch to step into complete darkness. Another of those wonderful creations by Rosa Crux. I sadly had to use my camera flash to catch its inhabitants, so it didn't quite capture the atmosphere.

 photo IMG_3728.jpg
 photo IMG_3730.jpg
 photo IMG_3731.jpg
 photo IMG_3734.jpg
 photo IMG_3735.jpg
 photo IMG_3739.jpg
 photo IMG_3741.jpg
 photo IMG_3742.jpg
 photo IMG_3743.jpg
 photo IMG_3744.jpg
 photo IMG_3745.jpg
 photo IMG_3746.jpg
 photo IMG_3747.jpg
 photo IMG_3750.jpg
 photo IMG_3753.jpg
 photo IMG_3755.jpg
 photo IMG_3759.jpg
 photo IMG_3760.jpg
 photo IMG_3761.jpg
 photo IMG_3765.jpg
 photo IMG_3766.jpg
 photo IMG_3769.jpg
 photo IMG_3771.jpg
 photo IMG_3773.jpg

 photo IMG_3777.jpg
 photo IMG_3780.jpg
 photo IMG_3782.jpg
 photo IMG_3784.jpg
 photo IMG_3785.jpg
 photo IMG_3788.jpg
 photo IMG_3791.jpg
 photo IMG_3794.jpg

 photo IMG_3797.jpg

Back from this wonderful experience we just relaxed until the first band finally started :

 photo IMG_3801.jpg

witches being dressed and fueled
 photo IMG_3802.jpg
 photo IMG_3803.jpg

 photo IMG_3804.jpg
 photo IMG_3806.jpg
 photo IMG_3807.jpg
 photo IMG_3808.jpg
 photo IMG_3811.jpg
 photo IMG_3812.jpg

wine in plastic ..markus not impressed
 photo IMG_3813.jpg

Trouble Fait: a French three-piece, I am always excited to discover French bands but sadly they sang in English and were a bit to classic goth for my taste. We were also taken to the cemetery for a mini photo shoot .

 photo IMG_3815.jpg

Next it was Jo Quail’s turn. We are all big fan of hers, but her five cello pieces based on the elements which built and built into powerful and hypnotic soundscapes sounded just perfect there and a spor on support to Rosa Crux. She seemed to have made lots of new fans which was great.

 photo IMG_3819.jpg

 photo IMG_3844.jpg

 photo IMG_3849.jpg

 photo IMG_3852.jpg

having a peek at the dancefloor for later

 photo IMG_3859.jpg
 photo IMG_3863.jpg
 photo IMG_3866.jpg
 photo IMG_3869.jpg
 photo IMG_3877.jpg
 photo IMG_3880.jpg
 photo IMG_3886.jpg

Finally time to Rosa Crux’s performance, despite a more minimal version (no choir or bagpipist) it was just as crazy, ritualistic and immense as always. During their gig I always feel I am part of some secretive magical event, just nothing else quite like it.  I was right at the front, underneath the burning candles and bells. So medieval with their latin lyrics, iconography, videos and well organs and multiple church bells. They even had an extra large one outside the main stage, the usual flag dancers and this time the earth dance was done on the move. Even more tribalistic (and sandy) but impossible to catch a good photo.

 photo IMG_3892.jpg

 photo IMG_3904.jpg

 photo IMG_3908.jpg

 photo IMG_3914.jpg

 photo IMG_3923.jpg

 photo IMG_3926.jpg

 photo IMG_3931.jpg

 photo IMG_3932.jpg

 photo IMG_3934.jpg

 photo IMG_3938.jpg

 photo IMG_3946.jpg

 photo IMG_3954.jpg

 photo IMG_3959.jpg

 photo IMG_3972.jpg

 photo IMG_3975.jpg

Since it was their own festival they also had all their art installations/Jeux de Fer accompanying them, it was so fantastic to finally see some of them live , having only just ever seen the videos. We got cage against big metal plate (with courageous volunteer ), giant cello, a water installation, men hitting large cone/dishes with metal balls, lots of dust/sand. More details about the ideas/background drawing in here : http://www.rosacrux.org/jdf/anglais/

 photo IMG_3981.jpg
 photo IMG_3983.jpg
 photo IMG_3987.jpg
 photo IMG_3988.jpg
 photo IMG_3993.jpg
 photo IMG_4000.jpg
added the cello
 photo IMG_4008.jpg
and the water
 photo IMG_4020.jpg
and more
 photo IMG_4036.jpg

 photo IMG_4044.jpg
and more
 photo IMG_4053.jpg
resulting in a lot of dust
 photo IMG_4057.jpg

Then something as gothic as it gets visually, a gothic ruin in flame, moon and cemetery in the background, flapping bats (they were dressed in black with bats on sticks but I did managed to catch one in one photo), fog, snow, wind...simple and so so beautiful.

 photo IMG_4066.jpg
 photo IMG_4068.jpg
 photo IMG_4077.jpg
 photo IMG_4079.jpg
 photo IMG_4098.jpg
 photo IMG_4111.jpg
 photo IMG_4117.jpg
 photo IMG_4120.jpg

The final show of the night before the nighclub started in the Mayors ballroom was the burning of the witches. They made full-size skeleton witches on broomsticks; each soaked in petrol and about three o’clock at night they were lit up and span around the garden in terrifying flame and shadow accompanied by a backing track by The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud. Just hard to beat and just unique.

 photo IMG_4129.jpg
 photo IMG_4135.jpg
 photo IMG_4136.jpg
 photo IMG_4139.jpg
 photo IMG_4143.jpg
 photo IMG_4144.jpg
 photo IMG_4147.jpg
 photo IMG_4151.jpg
 photo IMG_4157.jpg
 photo IMG_4168.jpg
 photo IMG_4199.jpg

We sadly didn’t much chance to dance in the beautifuly candle lit ballroom as by then it was very late/early and our driver needed at least a few hours sleep before we returned to the uk the next day

 photo IMG_4208.jpg

All in all an incredible event, very laid back , no timetable, just rosa crux and all their helpers doing everything from making the pancakes, maning the bar, doing art performance, , running around…seriously they never stopped, one minute you see one naked covered in mud , the next they are minding the pancake stall and then pulling some heavy machinery. I  would definitely go back but it is really an evening event rather than 2 days festival/event as we assumed . Once it finally started it was non stop and amazing but really nothing much happen before 8ish on the Saturday …so our UK clock of events starting early and on time and ending was not in synch with the more relax French attitude.

 photo IMG_4214.jpg