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Chris Riddell talks about Shakeaspeare "bottom - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Chris Riddell talks about Shakeaspeare "bottom [Aug. 3rd, 2016|07:43 pm]
Sunday 31 July: Chris Riddell talks about Shakeaspeare "bottom

On Sunday I just about made it to the Globe to see Chris Riddell talks about Shakeaspeare "bottom". He is such a wonderful speaker but even more amazing are the doodles he can create whilst chatting, cannot wait for the next goth girl book. Another reason was to finally have a peak inside Sam Wannamaker theatre...so pretty and an excuse to get more books signed . Sadly this little exursion and the air con the day before wiped me out , especially my vocal cords and i had to miss Kim Newman party that evening and collapse to bed for rest of the day instead

 photo IMG_3633.jpg

 photo IMG_3652.jpg

 photo IMG_3634.jpg
 photo IMG_3637.jpg
 photo IMG_3639.jpg
 photo IMG_3640.jpg
 photo IMG_3645.jpg
 photo IMG_3646.jpg
 photo IMG_3648.jpg
 photo IMG_3649.jpg
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 photo IMG_3651.jpg

[User Picture]From: robynbright
2016-08-17 09:10 pm (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: morbidfrog
2016-08-30 01:06 pm (UTC)
we have been to a few of his talks . he is such a great speaker but the location made it extra special :)
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