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Surrey Steampunk Convivial VII - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Surrey Steampunk Convivial VII [Aug. 3rd, 2016|07:41 pm]
Saturday 30 July: Surrey Steampunk Convivial VII

A day of fun silliness from winning Battle Croquet to losing tea dueling, watching bands, flinging familiar, shopping and catching up with friends in New Malden.

 photo 13879273_10153550166121548_897338443608854814_n.jpg  photo 13876388_10153550166831548_3443255592287418287_n.jpg

 photo IMG_3423.jpg
 photo IMG_3424.jpg

 photo IMG_3425.jpg

 photo IMG_3426.jpg

latest creations :)
 photo IMG_3428.jpg
 photo IMG_3429.jpg
 photo IMG_3432.jpg
 photo IMG_3434.jpg
 photo IMG_3435.jpg
 photo IMG_3436.jpg

ostrich racing
 photo IMG_3439.jpg
 photo IMG_3440.jpg
 photo IMG_3442.jpg
 photo IMG_3443.jpg
 photo IMG_3447.jpg
 photo IMG_3449.jpg
 photo IMG_3450.jpg
 photo IMG_3451.jpg
 photo IMG_3453.jpg
 photo IMG_3454.jpg
 photo IMG_3458.jpg
 photo IMG_3460.jpg
 photo IMG_3462.jpg
 photo IMG_3463.jpg
 photo IMG_3465.jpg
 photo IMG_3469.jpg
 photo IMG_3470.jpg
 photo IMG_3471.jpg
tea duelling
 photo IMG_3473.jpg
 photo IMG_3487.jpg
 photo IMG_3490.jpg
 photo IMG_3491.jpg
 photo IMG_3494.jpg
 photo IMG_3496.jpg
 photo IMG_3500.jpg

simon lost :(
 photo IMG_3502.jpg
 photo IMG_3505.jpg
 photo IMG_3509.jpg
 photo IMG_3511.jpg
 photo IMG_3515.jpg

battle croquet we won
 photo IMG_3519.jpg
 photo IMG_3520.jpg
 photo IMG_3521.jpg
 photo IMG_3523.jpg
 photo IMG_3525.jpg
 photo IMG_3526.jpg
 photo IMG_3528.jpg
 photo IMG_3530.jpg
 photo IMG_3531.jpg
 photo IMG_3533.jpg

 photo IMG_3535.jpg

winning team
 photo IMG_3537.jpg

then simon became a judge
 photo IMG_3538.jpg
 photo IMG_3539.jpg
 photo IMG_3540.jpg
 photo IMG_3541.jpg
 photo IMG_3543.jpg
 photo IMG_3556.jpg

spriggan mist
 photo IMG_3557.jpg
 photo IMG_3558.jpg
 photo IMG_3566.jpg
 photo IMG_3568.jpg
 photo IMG_3583.jpg
 photo IMG_3584.jpg
 photo IMG_3587.jpg
 photo IMG_3589.jpg
 photo IMG_3593.jpg
 photo IMG_3599.jpg
 photo IMG_3600.jpg
 photo IMG_3602.jpg
 photo IMG_3605.jpg
 photo IMG_3606.jpg
 photo IMG_3609.jpg
 photo IMG_3610.jpg

fling a familiar
 photo IMG_3613.jpg
 photo IMG_3616.jpg
 photo IMG_3618.jpg
 photo IMG_3619.jpg
 photo IMG_3625.jpg
 photo IMG_3631.jpg


[User Picture]From: larissa_00
2016-08-04 07:51 am (UTC)
I love the MFO kitties, they are so cute! Saw them at the Cambridge Museum of Technology steampunk event.
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[User Picture]From: morbidfrog
2016-08-04 07:57 am (UTC)
always get something from him such a cool; idea :)
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